Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's in my purse...

So I think by now people realize I share just about everything except for bodily functions (most of the time) and details about my job so I went with the fun post today...

I carry a huge purse. HUGE.  And I didn't for a long time but about 6 years ago when I got serious about my health my purse grew in size.

Right now my purse has 3 big pockets and my myriad of stuff is divided thusly.

Center pocket - wallet, keys, mini flashlight, tons of hair bands and my two small alligator clips, and my business card case my iPhone and, when going to work or Zumba, my iPad. Oh and normally there's a few of those Coke bottle caps in here.  Because I totally do the Coke points thing.

Side pocket 1 - The lading place for all my assorted papers.  I have my mini coupon holder in here with not just coupons but also extra business cards, free passes for some of my teaching locations, and extra schedules when I have them. I also place any and all receipts that don't get put in my wallet in this pocket so I can add them to my tax receipts later.

Side pocket 2 - My medicine pocket.  My pills for the day are in one of those pill sorters in this pocket.  I also carry a bottle of xanax for panicked days, a small bottle of aleve, a small bottle of zinc tablets, several packets of Emergen-C, chapstick, aquaphor, anitbiotic ointment and bandaids.  (If you read my post about weird things about my health this makes a lot of sense!) This is also where random granola bars and stuff wind up.

It's a LOT of stuff for someone who used to carry a flip fold wallet.  BUT I'm glad I have all this stuff with me.  I just ordered a new purse and when I get it I will be more organized with my stuff. I try to keep it organized now but ... eh..

While you're out and about on the internet and reading my National Health Blog Posting Month post... go check out some of my friends who are participating as well.  You won't be disappointed!!

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  1. I thought about doing this one too. Maybe I should have! I love the look into everyone's life! What purse did you get? I need a new one...

  2. It was fun. I didn't realize how much stuff I have at all times. Ha! that's the purse I ordered. A coworker has it and I love it.

  3. I need to grow up and get me a purse :-)

  4. Your purse sounds a lot like mine before my accident. (I sort of miss that). Post-accident I couldn't lug it around so I downgraded to a smaller overshoulder green one. Just my wallet, phone, keys, kleenex and lip stuff in there. Usually it's alright, but sometimes I miss my bottomless bag.

    PS - you're awesome.


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