Monday, November 5, 2012

List of 3?

Write a #ListOf3 Things that you’re thankful for / excited about / or inspired by.  That was one of the options for today's NHBPM prompts.  I like this as it goes along with my month of Thanksgiving I'm doing over on Facebook.  So, here's 3 lists of 3.. because I'm indecisive.

Thankful For:
1. My friends and family - real and adopted - who make me feel loved and special every day.
2. A job that I love and, though stressful, I am excited to go in to every day.
3. Blankets.  I swear, I was never this cold before but now nothing is better than a big fluffy blanket curled up next to Marshall or Matt watching football or a good movie. Blankets are the best!

Excited About:
1.  Raising money this week for Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy recovery.  I'm so glad Sue and I are working together on this project!!
2. The Robin Run AND the Carribean Heat Master Class coming up next weekend.  Holy crapballs, it's going to be amazing!
3.  The big data jam session tomorrow at work.  Going to Raleigh, getting this piece of the project finished and moving on to the next big task.  So cool!

Inspired By:
1.  My students.  Watching them grow and change every single class makes me want to work harder to help them reach their goals. It also makes me fight to get better to reach my own goals! Hooray for cyclical inspiration!
2.  My fellow NHBPM participants.  I'm loving reading what folks are writing and I'm learning so much that is helping me fight my own battles over here.
3.  Daylight savings time.  I'm inspired to get up and get stuff done.  I love falling back!! :)

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