Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm just weird...

The weirdest thing about my health... well everything.

Let's start with my propensity for winning the weirdest injury competition.  I swear, I get injured doing even the slightest of things.  I really blame my doctors for not diagnosing and treating my thyroid disorder earlier in life.  I was deficient in calcium, postassium, B vitamins, you name it when my TSH was at it's worst and I am sure that my ability to break bones getting in to a car are directly related to that.

High on my list of weird injuries:
1. Broke my nose in my sleep.  Hit my face on the rod iron day bed post.  Genius.
2. Torn cartilage in the AC joint of my right shoulder lifting a small light bed side table my sophomore year of college.
3. Broke my ankle getting in to my car.
4. Pinched my sciatic nerve picking up my shoes.
5. Tore tendons in my left foot slipping while changing shoes in a parking lot.

I also think it's weird that I didn't have any major allergies until about 4 years ago.  I've had an allergy to mint, bee stings and a sensitivity to latex since I was young but in the last few years I've added shellfish, melon, strawberry, Penicillin and medrol to my list of allergies.  Craziness.

Plus there's the whole Hashimoto's thing.  Hooray for autoimmune disorders.


  1. I have severe allergies and I just got re-tested... in the past four years I've developed a peanut allergy, a wheat allergy, and a cat allergy in addition to the 26 other environmental allergies. Luck is me!

  2. !!! OMG! The broken-nose-while-sleeping is my favorite (is it awful to have a favorite from a list of injuries? I mean it in a non-awful way...) The fact that you have gone out and done all that you've done with Zumba and running and HHH and all of it is even more amazing knowing what you've had to go up against!

    I've always had respiratory allergies and skin sensitivity, but recently I've also developed a mango allergy (after eating three mangoes in one day - now can't eat them at all) and an allergy to something in certain beers and wines (after, of course, a vacation involving a brewery and brewpub and lots of craft beer). Thankfully I haven't developed reactions to any medications (fingers crossed). Adult-onset food allergies are bad enough... I have so much more sympathy for people with bizarre food allergies now!

  3. Wow, I'm steering clear of you. I saw an episode of Andy Griffith about you once I think. All jokes aside I seem to injure myself quite easily too but luckily I don't suffer from allergies.

  4. I almost cut my finger off once while opening a can of cat food, and I have now successfully injured my back while vacuuming TWICE. It happens to other people too. :)


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