Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I bet you didn't know...

That there are times I don't know what to say. I bashed my head in yesterday over the prompts and nada. Oh well. Free pass two.

Things you may not know about me ...
1. I have a horrible fear of sand that I basically conquered this past year.
2. I gag if I can feel the texture of mushrooms. I hate them! Stupid textures.
3. Eggs are ditto above. It kills me because I know eggs are good for me - high protein, a staple of breakfast foods. Can't do it.
4. The reason my anxiety doesn't keep me from teaching Zumba is because its like acting to me. I do my best Loretta like acting job every single class.
5. I have the worst feet in the world. I had to have sections of my two big toenails removed because of terrible in grown nails. My toe nails break if I even remotely stub my toe and I have broken all my toes at least once.
6. I had both nipples pierced until a bench press accident scared me and I removed them. I miss them. It was awesome!
7. I suffer from Reynauds syndrome - my hands and feet to blue or white from cold even on a hot summer day!

There you go! Now you know me even better!

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