Monday, November 12, 2012

My BodyBugg and Me!

Another post where I expound in my love of a piece of technology?

Oh BodyBugg... What would I do without you? 

When I bought the BodyBugg I had no idea what a big part of my life it would become. 

Why is it the bees knees? 

First of all, I love having my daily stats at my finger tips on my iPhone. I just tap and can see how many calories I've burned and how many steps I've taken. It makes fitness a bit of a game.  I think to myself "How many steps have I walked by lunch? What can I do to make that number higher tomorrow." 

Secondly, the visual representation of my calorie burn makes more sense to me than just numbers. I can look at the graph and see oh I walked here, ran here, here's my Zumba class and why was I on my butt for this long stretch of time.  

Thirdly, knowing a closer approximation of my calorie burn has made a huge difference in how I eat and how much I eat.

I took 6 weeks worth of BodyBugg data to my nutritionist and she agreed with me that below 2000 calories was a bad idea.  I had been trying to stay below that due to bad advice and it made sense why I felt so bad.  She said that on my 2-3 hour of class nights I definitely need to make sure I get my carbs during the day and front load with protein afterwards to ensure that I recover correctly. It was nice to have feedback based on actual data. Not just wild guesses based on how everyone else does the best.

What I really love it mashing my output from the BodyBugg against my my fitness pal data to see what my net calories for the day are. That's a pretty cool tool. 

Oh, and other, cool thing, the arm band comes in some cute styles. I love my Zebra print arm band!

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