Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simply wild...and Simply Gross!

The last 14 days have been full of wild and crazy things.

Let's talk Zumba - on the 12th Trio Fitness did an AWESOME Commit to Fit master class. 90 minutes of Zumba to commit to health and wellness in 2013.  We had instructors come in from around town and everyone got to show off their moves.  It was so great to watch other instructors and learn from their skills!

It was a great event and I loved every second of it.  I love all these ladies... and everyone else there!

So much love.

We are ramping up for the 50 Shades of Sweat master class on February 1st. Big event with the awesome Adriana Carr.

SOOOOO excited! Can't wait.

On the everything else front - I had the unhappy luck to catch the FLU on the heels of the Commit to it event.  That night I started to feel gross.  I checked my temperature at around 8pm. Fever just below 100.


Woke up Sunday - fever near 102.

DOUBLE CRAP.  Had to cancel all my classes, find coverage for the YMCA class and then slept until 2:30pm, watched some football and went back to bed.. nearly dead.

Monday morning - 101. CRRRRRRAAAAAAAAP! Stayed home from work.  Slept.  Started to feel better in the late afternoon.  Drove myself insane with mundane things because I knew I wasn't well enough to do anything out of my bed or off the couch.

Gained an addiction to Candy Crush Saga.  Reignited my addiction to Chuzzle and Bejeweled.  Spent a lot of time with My Little Pony.

It sucked.

Tuesday I felt better, went back to work and got back on my workout schedule.  BUT... there was a hiccup Tuesday morning.

Here's where those who are squeamish should stop reading. This part of my homage to Mrs. Fatass and her willingness to share the good, the bad, and the bodily functions...

After being sick... does anyone else CRAVE a hot shower? A long, hot, shower to make all the ick be totally gone from your body?

That's all I wanted. A long, hot, cleansing shower.

That is SO not what happened.

I get in the shower, wash my face and start soaping up my hair and WHAM.

The room went dark, spinning out of control, dry heaving, knees weak, chest pounding.  I may or may not have lost consciousness. BUT, only a little bit.

I stumbled out of the shower after vaguely remembering to get the soap out of my hair, turn the water off about halfway, throw on my robe and stumble to the bed where I collapsed and tried to remember how to breathe and blink and remember that my feet were attached to my legs.

There are pieces of about 10 minutes that were missing.  I know that time is missing because in the process... I pooped in the shower.  All over the shower.  I found this out 20 minutes later when I started to feel better went to turn the shower off.

The fiancee was disgusted and didn't know what to do. He hid from the whole thing.  This proves that the decision to NOT have kids is a smart one.  I cleaned up the shower, got back in to finish my shower, added some bleach to the shower floor and curtain, rinsed it all one more time and got ready for work.

And yes, I went to work and I taught Zumba.  Lesson of that day? Shit happens... don't let it ruin the rest of a perfectly good day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 days in and going strong.

2013 is off to a whirlwind start for me! In 5 days I've run/walked a 5k and taught 9 classes - 7 Zumba classes, 1 Sentao and 1 TurboKick class! My very first TurboKick class! How crazy is that!?

Three of those were today, in fact. I started out with an hour of TurboKick, then did an hour of Zumba with Sarah, and ended with an hour of low impact option Zumba at the YMCA. Long morning, but it was worth it!

Now I'm sitting here pondering food for the week. I'm probably going to make veggie trays for lunch this week. Thinking about doing vegetarian baked beans, carrots, peas, and maybe lima beans. Maybe do some days with sweet potatoes instead of baked beans. Just to try something different.

Tomorrow I've got another 3 hour of Zumba day. Sentao, Zumba or Zumbatomic and then my 75 minute class at the YMCA. I love my crazy Sundays!

Today was not the best day for food, I gave in and had three pieces of pizza for dinner. Mindless eating while watching football. Oh well... I'll work it off tomorrow.

Now to keep working on my budget and organizing stuff more. Getting close to feeling comfortable with my finances and my savings goals.

Now if I can just get the boy on board!

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