Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Body,

Dear Body, 

It's been a long crazy road but I really feel like we've reached an tough place in our relationship. I've been giving you everything I have as of late and you're not playing fair. I feel it's time to vent.

I try to control my carb intake and your mental addiction to potatoes, pasta and bread makes me angry, grumpy and sad. Our friends don't much like us when we really try to keep our carb intake to a minimum.  This is not fair to me as I'd really like to try to keep my insulin resistance in check and see if the low carb thing will work for me in terms of weight loss.  I hate when I eat one carb too many and wind up drowsy and nearly sedated. It's weird. We need to keep working on this.

I am also not okay with this whole being starving all the time no matter how much I eat or drink. I'm giving you all the fuel I can and you just want more.  I am giving you a well rounded diet and you're still hungry for crunchy, carbohydrate laden things like pretzels, toasted bagels, crackers and nuts. Those things are awesome, but I'm trying to change my diet again. This is counterproductive.

I'm also displeased with how all of a sudden my hormones have changed and I feel like I'm going brought puberty all over again. Acne at 30? Really? 

Then there's the weird things you're doing like the bleeding from my belly button every Time I should be having a menstrual cycle, the weird injuries, cuts and bruises that take forever to heal and the lack of making sense so the doctors can fix me.

I'm not saying we should go our separate ways, it's not really practical, but you need to get in line. I've fought 6 long hard years to get you to where you are. We've lost 200 pounds together. We've changed our life and helped others change theirs. Let's get on the same page. Please?



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  1. Sam, remember to try some of those spaghetti squash recipes. Look on my Pintrest food stuff board for some good ones. You've come so far. You can do this without all the bread. How do I know? Cause I'm doing it too. :) Togetherness!


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