Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mean people suck...

  A post about dealing with negativity within the community.

Ok, easy enough... But I can't promise I will be very nice in this post. 

One if the worst aspects of the thyroid community is people who think they're being helpful and constructive when they point out your flaws or call you out for being overweight or underweight and have no understanding of what the hell is going on in your body.

And this is not just outsiders who come in trying to be helpful, but it also includes others in the community that think they have found the right answers regardless of what their specific type of thyroid issue is and will try to force their plan on everyone.

Thyroid disorder is incredibly complex and no one has all the answers and that one stop shop mentality can keep people from trying new things to try to feel healthy.

I would never tell someone with basic hypothyroidism that they need to take cytomel because it works for me it must work for everyone.  I would tell everyone to explore all of the options with their doctors but I would never push my medical plan on anyone else.

I also would never go in to a thyroid community and start telling people that because they don't do 8 hours of Zumba a week that they're fat by choice,  I see this happen all the time.  People saying if you don't do what I do you're lazy.  And that pisses me off.

A lot.

I see red when people disparage other people who are trying to make healthy decisions one step at a time.  People who do that infuriate me,  

Mean people suck even if they think they're being mean with a purpose. Be helpful or shut the hell up. kthx.

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  1. YES. An older man recently stopped me at Costco and suggested I not buy the white bread, it would help me lose weight to eat the weight. I wanted to run him over with my shopping cart. Mean people SUCK!


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