Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This aggression will not stand...

A. I gained 3.8 pounds over Thanksgiving.  This is unacceptable and also shocking as I really didn't eat that poorly.  Super back on plan today 100 oz of water, under WW points and I'm going to b using GoMeals today to see my carb/protein/fat split.  I may take the time to go back and input the last week of data to see if maybe my fat or carbs were just seriously out of whack.  We shall see.

B. That's more or less how I deal with today's NHBPM prompt - how do I deal with bullies/trolls/snake oil salesman.  I have lost all tolerance for people who talk down to people based on stereotypes and preconceived notions. I may deal with it in real life a little less aggressively than I do on the internet but I always make it known that I have heard, seen or otherwise know that someone is being a jerk and that they need to quit their crap.

In real life I've gotten very good at giving someone an evil eye or just staring at them with a "go ahead, say something" glare when I hear the tell tale snickers or see the finger pointing.  Which, by the way, is something I don't get.  What happened to manners?  Anyway.  When I actually hear the comments I have gotten very good about straight up saying "Look, I've lost an entire YOU in my weight loss journey while fighting against my body every step of the way.  Your snickering and pointing and laughing are dually noted and only serve to prove what a jerk you are.  Have a lovely day." Sometimes, if the person is a real jerk that is laced with profanity, but the sentiment remains.

I'm also totally comfortable with telling people that they don't know what they're talking about.  I have no patience for anyone who thinks they can tell me they know all the answers.  People who look at me and say "You need to eat more celery because it's a negative calorie food," or "If you only drink green tea your body will readjust and you'll lose weight super fast" often get a head pat before I shake my head and walk away but, more often than not, I tell them why they are wrong and that they are morons.  

I've learned that even though I don't WANT to be direct and evil that's the only way to really deal with people and so I do it.  People want to be mean and judgemental, that's fine, I'm just not going to let them do it in front of me anymore.  

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