Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

I've been participating in a month of thanks a long with many other people on twitter and facebook and I feel  the need to continue the trend here.  And not JUST because that's one of the NHBPM prompts, things need to be said.

To the health and fitness blogging community at large - Thank you for lifting me on the days when the world seems darkest.

Days like today, when the whole world is centered on food, I find myself feeling lost and scared.  Food shouldn't make anyone feel like that, but it totally does.  And there are people out here in the wilds of cyberspace that totally get it, and get me and the feel the same stress that I was feeling going in to today.

I did it though, I survived, and part of that reason was all the amazing words of support, wisdom and humor from my blogging friends over the last week.  HECK I even survived 7 days of no sweets because of the support from y'all.  Thank you!

Then I want to say a few specific thanks

To Mrs. Fatass - When I met her briefly almost 2 years ago I had no idea that she and I would become such good friends.  I feel totally honored to dance beside her, hang out with her, travel with her, and make an utter fool of ourselves together.  She's kind, open, honest, generous and an absolute hoot to have a drink or two with.  She's become part of my family over the last year... I can't imagine not having her by my side going forward! Trio Fitness happened because she believed we had the power to do it.  She's totally Trio Fitness' baby mama!
We're hot, we know it.
Then there is my Matt - Matt is my best friend, workout buddy, confidant, coworker and all around amazing guy.  Every time I have an idea, formulate a wild plan or evil scheme he's by my side saying LET'S DO THIS! He's held my hand through five 5k races, multiple Zumbathons, master classes and training weekends.  He is forever, my rock.  I don't know that I would be where I am personally or professionally without him by my side.  He's both the angel and the devil on my shoulder and I'd be lost without him. Every girl should have a best friend like Matt.  For serious.
He's so devious... and adorable!
And then there's my Sarah.  Sarah is the other part of Trio Fitness.  The less vocal of the three of us but only because she works so hard at work, school and Zumba that she doesn't have time to speak.  When I took my first Zumba class with her I had no idea that she would become one of my dearest friends.  I totally stalked her at first, I wanted to be her friend, but if I had known what I do know I would have been more aggressive so we could have bonded earlier.  We don't get to coteach as much any more as our schedules have changed and it's gotten harder to coordinate but every time we get together - whether in class or outside of it - good times are always had. She's one of my best friends and I consider her my sister.  We love each other, we get annoyed with each other but LOVE always comes first.
She's also so pretty she makes even me look good!
Today was a success in terms of food.  It could have been far, far worse.

Marshall and I went out to K&W Cafeteria with his folks for Thanksgiving brunch today.  A serving of turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, a soft roll and a slice of apple pie started Thanksgiving off right.  I was full, but not overly so, and because I had given up sweets for the 7 days leading up to Thanksgiving the apple pie was almost too sweet from the cinnamon sugar on top of it.  

After brunch had time to settle I started working on dinner and dessert.  I had been slow roasting two turkey roasts in the crock pot since late last night with onion and gravy.  So all I had to do was make the sides to go along with it.  I made mashed sweet potatoes (made with maple syrup which was genius) and sourdough stuffing with extra celery and onions.  Marshall made roasted butternut squash.  Then I heated up some yeast rolls.  

The big cooking event of the day was making pecan pie.  From scratch.  By myself.  With no help. EEk!

I also decided I wanted to add English toffee bits to the pie.  Just because.  In a little bit I'm going to heat it up and eat it with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate covered pecan as garnish.  

Then tomorrow - back on no sweets, basically.  I will allow myself to have a latte once a week but that's it.  I'm also considering a 7 day vacation from breads again.  But not until the Thanksgiving left overs are gone.

I hope everyone out there reading this has had an amazing Thanksgiving and is as filled with love as I am today.  I may be far away from my biological family but I am very blessed to have my chosen family right next to me today.

And tomorrow - Sarah, Sue and I will be dancing together in a Turkey Burn Master Class where we rock Sentao, Toning and Zumba for 90 minutes.  I can't wait!

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