Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking care of me...

Today's NHBPM prompt was about redesigning a doctors office. All I'd really do is make it colorful and fun. It's an office, as long as it's functional I don't much care how it looks.

So, I'm taking on a bonus prompt as it's important to where I am today.

How you take time for yourself.

So, this is something I'm not great about doing. I will run myself in to the ground if people don't tell me to slow down. I've been running myself ragged the last few weeks. Work stress, Zumba, extra workouts, training for my 5k this weekend, it's been a lot of stuff going on.

To top it off, I got an ear infection and upper respiratory infection this past weekend.  I woke up Saturday morning with a fever and immediately went to immediate care when they opened.  They gave me antibiotics and told me to rest.  Not so much. I'm not good at that.  I felt better by Monday, but still drained.  Then I wound up working until 2:30 this morning and didn't get home till almost 4am and was worn out enough that everything feels worse today.  

I still taught my Zumba class tonight because that's part of how I take care of myself.  My workouts are very important to me.  I get both physical and emotional therapy from getting sweaty and losing myself to my music or the cadence of my run.  If I don't get my workout, I feel awful. It's just not negotiable anymore. I need my workout.

The other ways I take care of myself include trying to find time that is truly me time.  As much as I'm a social person, I am still kind of an introvert. I do need time alone to recharge my batteries so I can be chipper, happy me when I deal with people. 

Of course, also important, is a good diet, taking my medications regularly, and my multivitamin regimen, and Shakeology. 

Shakeology has saved my tail so many times.  So good for my stomach, my skin, my hair, my nails and it helps to curb all the bad eating habits. It's one of the linchpins of my healthy lifestyle, 

I've been bad and only doing shakes a few times a week at most for a while and this infection and the general sense of ice lately has renewed my vigor around my Shakeology. Can't wait to get back in to my normal schedule with it.  Tomorrow, Vegan Strawberry with berries and ice and blueberry acai fruit juice, mmmm

Most important in taking car of myself is sleep! Sleep is so important and I will skimp when things are crazy and I cants d that anymore. Sleep is non negotiable! 

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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly we can forget the importance of self-care? Good on you for remembering you need to rest, to sleep and fuel that hot body well to be the best Sam you can be!


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