Sunday, November 18, 2012

strengths and weaknesses

Since I goofed up and did today's prompt yesterday. Today I will do yesterday's prompt.


Driven - I see a goal and I go for it. I don't stop unless I am going to die. Seriously. I do so much stupid shit sometimes in the interest of keeping moving towards my goals. I've taught classes on broken toes, injured Achilles' tendons, colds, ear infections - basically if I'm upright, not puking, or running a fever, I'm in class. I go to work in all of the same conditions. I don't stop until I have to. 

Smart/Intellectually Curious - I know a lot of things. I have a BA in English and I nearly minored in everything. I read a lot and play games that use my reasoning and language skills. I like to learn about a million different things - health, fitness, history, sports, culture, theater, technology, medicine. I love to learn and retain information well and I am always finding new connections between things to make my life better.

Flexible - If something isn't working I have no problem flipping things around and trying something new. I am always ready to expand my horizons and do something network in a new way. 


Stubborn - see: Driven above.

Overly Emotional - I cry at the drop of a hat. I will wither up and hide from the world over the smallest things. I get angry and can not be reasoned with. I am working on this but it's part f my anxiety issues. I'm medicated - it helps.

Easily Distracted - I am not ADHD but I do suffer from OH LOOK SOMETHING SHINY syndrome. This goes hand in hand with my curiosity - I am always ears up for something new to learn/use.

NON-SCALE VICTORY - today I bought an outfit at Walmart because I saw the shirt and it was cute and the nice black slacks looked nice so I grabbed them as goal pants/shirt. THEY FIT! Pictures to come when I don't look like dean warmed over from all the chores. 


  1. saw your NSV on...shoot :0) was it facebook?!

  2. No wonder I adored meeting you, we're so similar! I am also overly emotional and working on it in therapy.. and am also medicated ;)


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