Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Write about something taboo... Ok... Let's talk about sex, baby.

Specifically, lets talk about sex and overall health.

Sex is good for the skin, it releases the happy chemicals in your brain, it releases chemicals that help you bond to other people, and there are studies that say that semen may even be a slight antidepressant in some women.

Also, it just feels good and things that help us feel good are just a good thing overall. 

Sex is a good thing. It just is and I hate that people so often feel the need to whisper about it.  Especially people who have kids.  The jig is up, you've had sex.

So the other day when I was talking to a student if mine and she made a joke about her husband telling her to go to Zumba because she was grumpy and he wanted Zumba sex I got to thinking.

Zumba sex? Ok, I can see it. In Zumba we use the body in ways that could be seen as sexual. Lots of hips and booty shaking.  I love songs with a story, a chance to act like someone I'm not so I love burlesque or strip tease style routines so, yeah, I can see how sex post Zumba class, can be awesome.

Heck, sex after any type of workout that makes you feel good is generally better than average sex.  Your body is already awake, blood pumping, you're probably going to feel things more because of increased blood flow from the start.

So, I posit, people should have more post workout sex.  Sweaty, excited, stinky, awesome sex.  

Just do it. 


  1. This is the Get Fit Diva and I fully endorse this message. Post workout sexy times for the win! ::in my Borat voice::


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