Friday, November 23, 2012

Cleaning out my closet...

Zoom in on my closet in the bedroom. Small, cramped, a white three drawer dresser in the bottom. The clothes on the hangers fall in to four categories.

1. Work appropriate pants. Black or khaki colored. 
2. Work appropriate blouses and sweaters. Jewel tones - mostly green or purple. Also, a lot of black.
3. Work appropriate or fancier dresses. Also jewel toned or black. Rarely worn.
4. A multi tiered hanger with scarves and belts. Also rarely worn.

In the drawers there are underwear in the top drawer, bras in the second and various nightgowns and shorts in the bottom drawer.

Zoom in on my larger closet in the bathroom. Full of magic hangers, 5 hangers to each.  On these hangers is a vast array of workout and hangout clothes.  

1. T-shirts from - cute animals, geeky references, cooking and food related and exercise related. 
2. Race t-shirts.
3. Zumba wear - the brighter the colors the better! I love the green!
4. Sweat pants. Big, comfy, sweats in grey, black and jewel tones
5. Workout pants. Sweat wicking materials - mostly black. I wear yoga pants a lot. 
6. Comfy pants and big shirts that are matched pajama sets. 

In the hall next to the bathroom is a four drawer dresser with a top drawer with my jewelry, very unorganized.  The second drawer has tights and trouser socks while the third has sport and cute patterned socks and the bottom has overflow shirts that I rarely wear but may use for cleaning or lounging if it the mood strikes.

So, what do my closets say about me? I compartmentalize. My work persona and my home persona are very different.  My work outfits are bland, worn in rotation and not mixed up very often.  After hours? I am in bright colors, comfy and functional. I often wear two to three pairs of clothes after work.  Usually, an actually workout outfit for teaching Zumba, followed by something to lounge around the house and sometimes, something totally different to sleep if I'm having a night where I don't want to sleep in pants. 

My Zumba outfits, in particular, have gotten more loud and proud in the last few months. I'm not scared of showing off my flabby arms, or a little bit of jiggly belly when I move.  I'm just not hiding the way I used to. 

I guess the one thing both closets say about me is that comfort is my number one priority.  I hate feeling constricted. I hate skirts and dresses because I spend the day worrying I'm going to flash someone. 

Comfortable and relaxed.  In work and at home.  

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