Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Jam or not to Jam...

This evening I an plagued with self doubt.  One of my biggest dreams in the world of Zumba is to become a Jammer.

I want to be able to go around and share my choreography with people all over the state, the country.  I want to hold master classes and Jam sessions and all of the other awesomeness that being a Jammer entails.

Today, I was informed that a call has just gone out for Jammer applications here in North Carolina.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I want to apply.  I know there are going to be dozens of applications from some of the amazingly talented ZINs here in NC and the chances of me getting the gig are very small but... I don't know how long it'll be till there's another chance to even apply.

Since finding out I've been playing the what if game and bouncing back and forth with reasons to go for it and reasons not to.

The big road block?  I'm not ACE or AAFA certified.  I'm planning on doing the group ex cert during the Februrary APEX event next year but that's the weekend before the Jammer training and I don't think that'l fly.

So if I can't do it during APEX, I'm looking at $300 to do the home study course.  I don't know if I can spare that kind of cash.  I already need to get two more Zumba licenses in the next couple of months and I need to be saving up for vacation and general savings and putting money away towards a new wardrobe and Christmas presents.

Still, I feel like I'm using that as an excuse to not take the leap and throw my hat in the ring.

I'm a good instructor. I'm a good dancer.  I'm a pretty good choreographer, too! The local ZINs are never afraid to come to me and say "I want a routine to this!" and I'm always willing to try!

I've choreographed a bunch of fun routines that my students love. Among them:

  • A cumbia style pop routine to Tik-Tok by Ke$ha
  • A reggaeton to Pin Pon by El Medico
  • A cha-cha to Corizon Espinado by Santana
  • A cumbia to Loco from ZIN 38
  • A pop disco to Knock on Wood - the Zumba cover
  • A tango to Material Girl - Madonna
  • A Broadway toning to I'm a Woman - Smokey Joe's Cafe
  • A pop toning to Boyfriend by Justin Beiber
  • A funky toning to Bureo, Bureo - Zumba megamix
  • A salsa toning to Conga by Gloria Estefan
  • Hip Hop toning routines to Freak by Estelle, Lose My Breath by Destinys Child and Milkshake by Kelis
  • A fun soca soul train routine to YOU by Machel Montano
I've got like 6 other routines in the works, an axe, two salsas, a merengue, another cumbia, and a Soca.  I LOVE doing choreography and I am always looking for any excuse to test out my skills on a new rhythm or genre.  I have a sketched out punk/metal/rock toning routine to Keep Em Separated by the Offspring.

I know I have a lot to learn and there's a whole world of music out there for me to dive in to.  BUT what if this is the last cal for Jammers for a long time.  What if this is the only chance I'll have.  Do I really want to wind up regretting not at least trying it, getting my name out there.

There's a lot for me to think about.  I don't have to decide tonight but it has to be quick.  I have to have my application in by November 1st.  And I'd have to have a plan for my AFAA certification in place just as quick.



  1. The money thing is kind of a bitch, but if it's something you need to get anyway, were already planning to get, and will make you eligible to apply for the Jammer thingy (I don't know zumba things but it seems like a big deal!). Then do it! Once you become a master and awesome and zumba ceo (that's how that works, right?) you can make up for the Christmas presents you couldn't buy this year!

    1. That's a pretty good idea of how it works. It's like belt progression... ZIN, Jammer, ZES, Beto's job, Empress of the known Zumba Universe.

      And yeah... I think I was trying to use the money as an easy out to not pursue something I dream about daily. I'm going for it. EEEEE

  2. Go for it! The thing is, applying doesn't automatically mean you'll get to do it, this time, but NOT applying absolutely means you won't! And a year or two years or five years from now, you probably won't regret (or even necessarily remember) that it took you a few extra months of scrimping and saving or paring down to cover your bases, but I bet you would regret a missed opportunity and be kicking yourself for not throwing caution to the wind and putting yourself out there! Plus, I bet your friends and family (the ones that love you and want you to succeed, anyway, which I know from experience isn't an automatic assumption with friends and family!) would rather see you happy and fulfilled and achieving your goals and dreams than any amount of gifts under the tree. I know it doesn't help with the wardrobe issues, but you could always go the route I used to with presents and make gifts-in-a-jar or homemade spa products (even men like a nice juniper salt foot soak), which you can find recipes for all over the net and make really nice but really inexpensively. :-) Whatever you decide, I know all of us blog-buddies will support you, though!

    1. I'm doing it! The bloggy folks and my Zumba peeps have pointed out how dumb it is to let a little bit of money get between me and my dreams.

      No excuses. Going for it!

      I'll be freaking out here from time to time about it though. EEEEEEEEE!

      Also, I'm all about gifts in a jar this year. I got a healthy dessert in a jar from a good friend 2 years ago and I want to make my own versions this year!!! Brilliant!

    2. Oooh, HEALTHY gifts-in-a-jar! Good idea! Bet you could do a gorgeous layered bean-soup-in-a-jar, with all the pretty bean colors and spices and such... Although if you've got a way to do healthy desserts-in-jars, that freaking rocks. Mmmmmm...

  3. FIrst off, love your blog! Second, GO FOR IT! YOU GOT IT! I just took my first zumba class and LOVED it. I must have looked like a fool but this class is all about attitude and having fun. Good Luck!


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