Monday, September 24, 2012

FitBloggin '12 - Recap Part I: The People

I have so much to say about the amazing weekend I spent in Baltimore with my fellow bloggers, my tribe.

First thing that's amazing about FitBloggin?  I didn't need a Xanax, not once, the whole weekend.  Everyone at the conference was kind, generous, welcoming and embraced me as one of their own.  When Matt and I wandered in to the opening mixer I was shaking in my New Balance running shoes.

Then I started meeting folks and they started giving out free hugs and I relaxed quite a bit.  On the first night I met the amazing Kim.  I loved jut chatting with her.  We talked about all things fitness, health and boob related.  It was  great chat and I loved getting to hang out with her over the course of the weekend.

Then I got to meet and hug the amazingly awesome duo of Tara and Meegan. The warm welcoming hugs from both of them helped any last, lingering fear kind of just melt away.

I chatted with another dozen people at that mixer and I can't remember all the amazing conversations I had, but I really felt like I was at home.

By the end of the weekend I had also met and had the honor of chatting with my two biggest blog crushes.  Julie and Carla.

Other amazing folks I met?  Too many to link to, because I'm sleepy, but Christine, Cynthia, Elise, Steve, Jess, Kelly, Sana, and on and on and on and on.  I am so bad at names I'm still sitting here trying to put names to blogs and handles.  It's a mental exercise of owie!

The social side of things made my heart just flutter.  It was weird to be in a place where I truly knew that no one was judging me.  We were all brought together through the love of fitness and the journey to get fit.

I am slowly updating my blog roll to incorporate all of the new amazing blogs I am now following and catching up on.

Tomorrow - FitBloggin: The Workouts.
After that - FitBloggin: The Discussions
And then - FitBloggin: The Parties
And even more then - FitBloggin: The Lessons

The order may change as I feel moved to talk about certain things more.  We shall see.  But there is way more to come!

Thank you FitBloggin - see you June! In Portland!



    It was so awesome to meet you, and to Zumba with you! :)

    1. Portland bound, baby! It's going to be a blast! So glad to have met you. You rock and I'm glad to have you out there in the world to harass, talk to and joke with.

  2. Girl... you are such an inspiration. I was so blessed to meet you and hear your story- and wish we could have talked more! (Can Fitbloggin' be a week long next time?!)
    I had to miss Zumba because I had to shower and pack up my car after Jumpsport, and I'm KICKING myself about it! I saw a video of you teaching and you are AMAZING!!
    If you ever would be interested in doing a guest post on my blog sharing your story, I would be honored. You are a gift!

    1. It was fantastic getting to meet you too! Next year we will have to chat more!! And you'll have to come shimmy with me, it's a must! :)
      I would love to get with the guest posting! We'll talk soon! Thanks for the invite!!

  3. It was SO AWESOME to meet you. Seriously, I know I already told (cried) this to you ... but you are SUCH a huge inspiration for me. I've spent the last 24hrs on the Zumba site and calling local gyms for any desk jobs. Gotta get my foot in the door!

    1. Ahhh! That's awesome! Keep at it. Take as many classes as you can, learn by doing and take the plunge! I know you can do it! :)

  4. Really loved meeting you and holy crap that Zumba class was the most exhilarating, positive hour ever. Thank you :)

  5. Loved meeting you as well Sam! You are one helluva Zumba instructor!!!

  6. I loved meeting you! I can't say that enough. I'm trying to hold on to all the wonderful feelings of FitBloggin weekend. How many days till Portland??? LOL :)


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