Sunday, September 16, 2012

FMS Photo a Day - Days 10-16 - and a busy, busy day!

I am finally back on a laptop and able to do things that I wanted to do all week.  First up - an update of all my awesome pictures for the FMS Photo a Day.

10. Black and White
11. Hero
12. Together
13. Table

14. Favorite 

15. First Thing You See
16. Strange
This challenge has been a blast for me! Some of the prompts I've REALLLLY had to think about to come up with something that wasn't just another cat picture.  

I'm excited to be back up and running with a new laptop to get stuff done on.  It's not the spiffy, bad ass, super expensive MacBook Pro that I wanted but this little Toshiba has some serious get up and go.  Not a bad way to spend 300$.  The piece of mind alone was worth it, I think.

Today is also a day for getting stuff accomplished.  Last night I started a crock pot bean and veggie stew and this morning I got up and started a crock pot steak and potato stew.  The bean and veggie will be lunch and the steak and potato stew is for dinner.  Left overs will be what I nom on for the three days I'm at work this week.

For the next few hours, I'm putting together stuff for Zumbatomic this afternoon, working on marketing for ZA classes and general Zumba and making sure I have my ducks in a row for Fitbloggin this week!  

I'm pondering things for an upcoming Zumbathon and working on new choreography. Also, checking my work email. Also, also, finishing up the debloating and securing of my new system.  I was able to repurpose the hard drive out of my old computer and toss it in to an enclosure to be my backup hard drive.  Score!

After ZA and my regular Zumba class today, I'm coming home to chill and watch football!

I've been up since 8am... on a Sunday... the apocalypse may be coming.  Just saying.

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