Thursday, September 27, 2012

FitBloggin '12: The Workouts

Ok, this really should be titled "THE ZUMBA" but first let's talk a little bit about the walking and the running and the CrossFit.

Firstly - CrossFit is now my frenemy. I want to hate it. But I secretly love it.  The pain I was in until MONDAY just shows me how good it is for me.  I LOVE to feel like I've had the crap kicked out of me by a workout.  I'm totally a masochist in that respect.  I love my cardio and how it hurts so good but this was that ache times 50 and I like it.  So much that Matt and I are checking out the CrossFit gym that just opened here this weekend.

Then there was all the walking and the running.  Matt and I toured the harbor like three times around.  It was great to just walk and talk and not feel winded by the exertion.  Then came Sunday and we went out to do the 1 mile run that turned in nearly 2.5 miles with our new friend Sana.  I probably could have done the whole 5k but my butt muscles were not happy with me and were seizing about 2 miles in. It felt nice.  I couldn't have done that a year ago.  Not and run as much as I did.  We probably did 3 4-5 minute sprints.  I think.

That's right. I worked out so hard that my ass was shaking of it's own accord.  Right the frak on!.

Then of course, there was watching Matt rock out in the JumpSport class.

And even more of course - THE ZUMBA.

Let me first say that it was a total fraking honor to dance with everyone on Saturday morning.

And then let me say how touched I was to watch a room of 100+ people sing Happy Birthday to my beloved Mrs. Fatass.  That's family. That's love.

It was freaking exhilarating to be on that stage - like I felt like a rockstar.   I just about died when Tara yelled out "Sam, you are SO SEXY" when I started teaching my cha-cha.

In that moment, in that HOUR, I actually felt sexy.. I can "play" sexy but at that moment, I really felt sexy.  I felt sexy like I feel when I'm dancing around my house, in my underwear, pretending to be a PussyCat Doll while I clean the house. When it's just me. I felt that at home.

Then there was YOU.  YOU was a brain child of Mrs. Fatass and I.  She heard the song at a masterclass and wanted it to close out the FitBloggin session. She wanted it to feel like a party.

I listened to the song and I loved the vibe, the lyrics, the way it made me smile and all I could think was SOUL TRAIN LINE.  It was amazing  Seeing everyone laughing and dancing and playing with each other while the song just blared in the background.  I teared up.  It was so moving.  That was exactly what we wanted - joy.

I LOVED watching people in the crowd "get" a move and start to add their own flair.  The smiles, the joking, the wiggling and laughter when they were trying to figure out what they were doing.

And after? When people were begging to take pictures with me? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  People wanted to touch me, talk to me, take my picture and I made eye contact and I posed.

I normally hate having my picture taken but this was just about the most natural thing in the world. I wanted to stand at the door and hug everyone as they left.  Everyone was my family right then.  Hell, I didn't even need a Xanax to do it either.  I wasn't anxious for even half a second.

I loved talking to folks who said they were shocked they did it, that they had a great time, that they were skeptical about Zumba but wanted to do it again.  I loved that people shared their stories with me.  I really loved that several people expressed interest in getting licensed to teach.  I felt like the Zumba Instructor I want to be all the time.

That's what Zumba is to me. It's sharing, and family, and love, and togetherness.  It's dancing your cares away *clap, clap* and just being with each other.

Anyway... all that said THANK YOU FITBLOGGERS for making my first experience with you one to remember, one to hold on to.  I went in to this thinking I'd just be the lovely assistant to Mrs. Fatass - I never thought you'd embrace me that way you did literally and figuratively

And I haven't even finished the post on the weep-fest sessions that, in a real way, have changed my life.  More to come

NOW - someone asked for the playlist.  So here are the songs and the artists. All but #4 and #5 are easily found on iTunes. Enjoy!

  1. Ice, Ice, Baby - Reanimator featuring Big Daddy and Vanilla Ice
  2. Danzo Kuduro - Don Omar
  3. Party Jumpin - R. Kelly
  4. Do You Dig It - Zumba cover but original version is by Ray Baretto
  5. Loco - Zumba original
  6. Fuego - Pitbull
  7. Bolo Ta Ra Ra - Daler Mehndi
  8. Esta Cache - Oro Solido
  9. Fever - Winsin & Yandel
  10. This Boy's Fire - Santana
  11. De Lao a Lao - Reggaetones
  12. Por Arriba, por Abajo - Ricky Martin
  13. Los Campeons de la Salsa - Willy Chirino
  14. You - Machel Montano
  15. Love on Top - Beyonce


  1. I never for a second thought you'd be my lovely assistant, if you recall. See, I'd been to Fitbloggin before - I knew exactly what I was up to when I encouraged you to come and later when I asked you to teach with me. No way would that have been what it was with you not there. You are very special. And I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to work with you.
    And...NO XANAX! How about that?!

  2. :) I hate Crossfit. P.s Tell Matt to enable the name/URL thing for comments!!

  3. You were so amazing!!!!! Thank you for posting the playlist.

  4. Zumba was all sorts of awesome, and I have say as one who has absolutely no rhythmn in any way, shape, or form. You rocked it!

  5. I now love/hate Crossfit as well... but Zumba? I totally love it now, although it's possible that I really just love you and Sue.

  6. dear gawd, it was such a good time. Never had done Zumba before until Fitbloggin. You gals popped my Zumba cherry, and I luuurved it.

  7. It was literally the best Zumba class I've ever taken! Thank you so so so much for sharing your passion with us! :) Oh, and extra thanks for the play list!!!

  8. Even now weeks later I can still feel how amazing Zumba at FitBloggin was! You ladies ROCKED IT! :)

  9. I don’t know what to say Melissa, except I love you, I adore you even, I DO think you are brave and strong. You are those things to me and so many people. I too don’t talk about a lot of stuff in the open, not because I’m afraid but I also don’t want to be defined by that stuff. That’s why I really admire you and I’m honored to be along for the ride while you get the outside as incredibly awesome as the inside. xx


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