Thursday, September 13, 2012

The laptop-less life

I'm a techo-addict. Anyone who knows me knows this. I love the toys! I love the way technology enhances my life, makes it easier to track things and organize and meet my goals.

So, Monday night when my laptop died a totally unceremonious and random death due to a fried fan I was shell shocked. I'd been saving up to get an iPad but there are things I need a normal laptop for.

My bodybugg, for instance needs a full USB capability and java capabilities. It's also really not fun to blog from my phone.
I hate that the best thing I have to edit pictures with on my phone is instagram.
Making Zumba playlists is tough on my iPod too! I can guesstimate the play list length but it's hard. And it takes so much longer!!!

I'm kind of lost without my laptop, and I think that's sad. It's the nature if the beast though.

I'm working on coming up with an interim solution. I will likely be borrowing a friends NetBook which will let me do everything but the iTunes set up. I was able to save my hard drive and it should be fine once I pop it in the correct external enclosure so all my music is safe until I get a new system to copy it over to.

The big thing is, it will likely be November before I have enough cash stored away to buy a new system. I refuse to buy on credit and so it's going to be a sad couple of weeks while I squirrel away Zumba money towards the cause.

In the meanwhile here's a cute cat picture.

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