Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekly goals - 7/9-7/15

For the week of 7/9/2012 through 7/15/2012 I am setting the following goals for myself with regard to fitness and nutrition. And some steps I've taken to help keep myself to them!!

1. Only drink one carbonated beverage a day. I bought a new Brita pitcher filter to take to the office and since we're close to the break room I can fetch fresh water and ice just about any time.  That will make it easier for me to avoid the Coke Zero monkey that's so heavy on my back.
2. Try one new fruit or vegetable.  Matt is going to go in on this with me.  Not sure what I'm going to do this week.  Will hit the grocery store this week and browse the produce aisle until I find something that piques my interest.
3. Re-start Couch to 5K and do all of my week 1 runs.  Playlists are loaded and program is on my iPod, ready to rock!
4. Pack my lunch every day.  I've got meals planned and am ready to rock on this one.
5. Drink my shake every morning.  I have everything I need but I will need more Almond milk by about midweek.
6. Alternate doing push ups and crunches every night. I'm trying to work up to 10 full on the ground push ups and 100 crunches at a go.  

I will try to update my blog every day with where I am on these goals.

What are YOUR goals for the week?  What steps are you taking to be the best YOU that you can be?


  1. This goal list is amazingly thoughtful and very accessable. Right on the money! You can do it Sam!

  2. My goals this week are as follows:
    1. Hit my daily calorie goal at least 5 days this week so that myfitnesspal app's progress graph doesn't look like a yo-yo.
    2. Create healthy meals from my pantry and eat every veggie in the house in an attempt to keep the grocery bill around $50 for the next two weeks.
    3. Clean my house from top to bottom to some bangin' music as alternative exercise because this heat is just too much right now. If the heatwave breaks get some good power walking in after work.


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