Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fear Conquered and Goals Update

Yesterday was an AMAZING day.  Matt and I took a day trip to continue our tour of aquariums and general site seeing. 

We went to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and it was really cool.  Not as interactive as some of the other aquariums we've hit but we had a blast being silly. 

After the aquarium we went to Kure Beach and I faced a big old fear of mine... walking in the sand in bare feet.  When I was a kid I got an infection in the bottom of my foot from a crab pinch on the bottom of my foot and I haven't walked barefoot in sand since.  Well, yesterday I did...

The view....

My feet in the sand!
It felt amazing and freeing to finally have faced that stupid fear.  A few years back I went to Miami and walked in the sand in shoes and socks... I felt like a moron. 

The phentermine and I are still being friends.  I actually am enjoying not feeling hungry.  It's weird to say but it's nice to not be thinking about food all the time!

Anyway, outside of that I finally crossed the try the new fruit or vegetable off my list.  When Matt and I went out to dinner the Irish pub had an option of root mash which includes parsnips, carrots, and rutabaga.  It was AMAZING and I plan on trying to make some here at home soon.  I love it as an alternative to mashed potatoes. 

As for the rest of my goals

1. Only drink one carbonated beverage a day.
One with lunch and one with dinner.

2. Try one new fruit or vegetable. CHECK!

3. Re-start Couch to 5K and do all of my week 1 runs.
Failed on this.  Starting it again today with Matt as my running buddy.  I will do this next week. 

4. Pack my lunch every day.
Check! I successfully did this all work week! Woohoo! 

5. Drink my shake every morning.

6. Alternate doing push ups and crunches every night. I'm trying to work up to 10 full on the ground push ups and 100 crunches at a go.
Check!! Crunches were done last night!

I am pondering goals for next week and will update later today!

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