Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whoops! Blast you real life!

So much has happened since the 19th I hardly know where to begin.  As for my goals from last week - a quick round up...

1. Finish C25k Week 1 and continue with week 2. Have completed W2D1 and W2D2 is tomorrow.  The first day of week 2 kicked my butt! I love it!

2. Drink a minimum of 100oz of water a day. So done... I am still on track with this and I float through my days.  Woohoo!

3. Try another new fruit or vegetable. Yep. I tried to conquer white asparagus... not a fan.

4.  Set aside some time to do something "nice" for myself this week.  Eyebrows got done but my hair is looking too good to cut right now LOL. 

5. Spend at least 10 minutes each day on new choreography. My brain is flooded with new choreography!

Ok.  So, the reason why you guys didn't get these updates on the 20th, or 21st, or well.. any of the days before now is that real life swallowed me whole.  In the best of ways. 

The 21st was the first official event for Trio Fitness. A Zumbathon for the Connor Wayne Combs Foundation. It was a great, sweaty, success.

The Trio Fitness Ladies... gettin ready...
Yeah... we're kind of like the Charlies Angels... of fitness.
Me rocking the Ella Me Copia

All three of us poppin them hips!
The aftermath... a sweaty mess!

Yeah, it was a good day!.  3 hours of Zumba followed by a carbohydrate heavy lunch and a workout hangover and an insane Sunday lead to a week of craziness in work, in Zumba and personally as well.

This time on phentermine has made me realize how addicted I am to food.  The cool thing about the appetite suppressant to me right now is that it makes me only really want to eat 3 times a day...

I've been listening to doctors for so long and all of them have had different ideas about what I needed to do to get the weight off and I've tried to listen to each of them in turn to give their hunches a try. What wound up happening is I wound up being addicted to the constant flow of food and when I tried to change my eating to more calorie dense, lower volume foods it got harder to stay within my calorie range.

But I'm addicted to eating like every 2-3 hours now and the phentermine has killed that addiction because I don't get the hunger signals and even when I do give in and snack on something I eat two bites and my stomach says NO, NO ROOM AT THE INN.  Today I had a bit of an upset stomach (forgot my acid reflux meds) and I snacked on 2 hard pretzels in little bites through the whole day.  That was the extent of my snacks. 

Only eating 3 meals a day I'm eating well below 2000 calories a day unless I force myself to eat something more calorie dense to ensure that I'm not eating too little on my heavy cardio days. 

I have seen a total difference in how my body feels before, during and after my workouts.  My sleep patterns are more even and I feel more rested.  AND today I weighed in 12 pounds down from where I was 2 Thursdays ago.  That's INSANE.  I hadn't lost 12 pounds in the last two months.  Such a huge change.

Aside from all of that I'm enjoying my 5k training, I'm getting psyched up for my Basic 2 Zumba License class this Sunday and the National Dance Day flash mob AND the Zumba convention in 2 weeks. 

There's so much going on that I feel like I'm going 24/7 but I feel more rested and relaxed than I have in a long time.  I love that things are just happening.  It's stressful as hell some days but, overall, life is taking care of itself.  I do have bad days and feel like I can't handle it bit I'm surrounded by love and friendship and some of the best coworkers ever so I KNOW I can get through anything. 

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  1. Awww. Look at YOU! Kicking ass and taking names. Me? I've been in bed since I left the studio yesterday. I'm on the B side right now. But your positivity might get me moving soon. <3


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