Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goals update.. Med update...

1. Finish C25k Week 1 and continue with week 2. 6am tomorrow.  Bring it!

2. Drink a minimum of 100oz of water a day. 160 oz at work.  GLUG GLUG GLUG

3. Try another new fruit or vegetable. Soon!

4.  Set aside some time to do something "nice" for myself this week.  A pedicure, a hair cut, a manicure SOMETHING to pamper myself. Thinking about getting a trim and my eyebrows done after work on Friday.

5. Spend at least 10 minutes each day on new choreography.  More work on Ojitos Chiquitos by Don Omar!

It's been 4 days on the phentermine and I am feeling good.  I am glad I'm focusing on water intake as I think I would be feeling bad.  My appetite is DEAD and I am having to force down my three meals a day.  Tonight after an hour of Zumba I felt a little weak so I slurped down a smoothie from the gym to ensure that I didn't crash.  I am exicted to see where I am when I weigh in on Sunday.  The difference between Friday and today (according to the scales at my respective doctors offices?) 7 pounds.  I know part of it is change in water weight but WOAH.

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