Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simply silly

If you haven't caught on yet, I am a cat lover.  My fiancee and I have 5 cats and each one has their own wild and weird personality.  Napoleon is our judgmental, curmudgeon of a kitty.  He's the youngest of the crew and tonight he gave me a good giggle.

Let me set the scene.

Arriving home from work in a hurry, I bypass the pleasantries and go straight to the master bathroom.  Lunch apparently didn't sit well with me and I'm in quite a bit of gastronomic distress. Napoleon follows me in mewing just as hard as he can.

Me: "Awwwww, Poley.  Did you miss me today?"

Him: Purrr... growl... mrrr... pet me!

Me: "I know you want attention but I'm busy at the moment.  Can't I potty in peace?!?!"

Him: Purr... snarl... hiss... knocks over trash can.

Me:  "I will snuggle you shortly! Quit it, butt-head."

Him: Huffs and passive aggressively hops on the counter looking for things to knock over.  Notices that I'm not paying attention and plants his whole body into the sink, curled up and ready to stay put for as long as it takes to annoy me.

Me:  "Seriously, I need to wash my hands.  Move it."

Him: LaLaLaLa I'm ignoring yoooooou!

Me:"Move it or I shall poke you and try to dislodge you forcefully!"

Him:   Does anyone hear a buzzing? I think something is making noises but I'm sleeping so hard I can't hear them.

Me: "Fine, have it your way."  

I turn on the cold water a little more than a trickle.  He continues to attempt to ignore me, his tail swishing in annoyance.  The water begins forming a little pool on his back and then begins to puddle up against his back.  He continues to pretend that this doesn't bother him until it starts to sink in past his outer coat.  With a growl he steps out of the sink, shakes off and glares at me before hitting the floor muttering in his little kitty mews and mrrs.

I laughed for a good ten minutes.  He still won't come near me and keeps looking at his back and then glaring at me like I have betrayed him for the last time.

Ahh kitty love. 

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