Friday, November 11, 2011

Zumba News. Vacation. A secret project!

Earlier this week I hashed out an agreement to teach Zumba at a new location.  It's a solo teaching gig! I'll be out there, on my own.

I'm completely and utterly over the moon about the whole situation and also scared out of my mind.  Three ladies who come to Zumba at the studio live near where I'll be teaching and are talking the class, and me, up all over the place! I can't even express how much of a boost to my self esteem that is.

I've also agreed to teach in another Zumbathon in Goldsboro next month.  Another fundraiser for the troops.  Zumba for a good cause?  Sign me up!

Then there's the on going plans for my yearly vacation to Kentucky and Indiana.  A car load of folks driving up and spending six days trapped in a van and visiting new and exciting places, seeing dear old friends and meeting new and interesting people along the way.   I can hardly wait.  It's always one of the best parts of my year and I look forward to the break from the monotony to recharge my batteries going in to 2012.

It's also going to be great for my body because I'm going to be wearing myself out over the next few weeks.  I'm currently at day 12 of 18 continuous days of teaching/co-teaching Zumba classes.

I have not had a day off from Zumba since October 31st and my next day off is November 18th.  While that's kind of cool... it's also very painful.

I'm actually holding on relatively well, all things considered.  Yes, my quads and hamstrings are sore, my calves feel like I've filled them with heavy rocks, my back is tight and my feet are in desperate need of a very long massage and a pedicure

On the flip side though, I feel energized and am sleeping like the dead every night. I'm dealing with my anxiety and fear through pushing my body in class. This has decreased my reliance on Xanax for panic attacks because I can funnel that anxiety in to preparation for class and into class itself. 

I can't wait to get up in the morning and go teach another hour. Then I get to focus on my other big project for the weekend.

Katie has a dance project to do for a class and she, Matt and I will be meeting up to learn the choreography I came up with and finally get it recorded for her to turn in.  I'm excited about having people dancing things that came out of my head.

I still get a high from watching people do the Zumba routines I choreographed.  One day I'll get brave and record that too. 

There will be video from this project and I promise to share it!


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  1. Girlfriend! I'm so excited for you!!!!! I want details. It is such a great feeling to branch out on your own, isn't it? Can't wait to hear all about it.


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