Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simply Restful...

That's what today was and dear goodness was it needed!

Yesterday, after the Zumbathon, I knew I needed a good day of doing nothing and I finally got it.  Last night I went to bed a bit before midnight because I was lost in reading A Game of Thrones.  I had planned a much earlier bed time to start my day of nothing early. Oh well!

Could you say no to these two cuties?
I slept in until around 10 am and woke up to a snuggly Robin and Napoleon demanding my attention. 

I took half a shower and changed into fresh pajamas for a day of pure indulgence. My goal for the day?  To do my best impersonation of the kitties - lounge, eat, get someone to pay attention to me and more sleep.

It was a splendid day but I am just not built for being a lay about anymore.  I kept thinking "You should do a pilates workout! Get those muscles working so you can try Pi-Yo"  or "You should work on refreshing Footloose! The studio crew really wants to do it!" or "Those dishes aren't going to wash them selves."  I fought the urges though and was successful at embodying sloth as much as it was possible!

Things I did do today include;
  • eating pizza
  • eating a giant Reese's cookie
  • going to Big Lots for candy for trick or treat
  • met up with Sarah and grabbed Moe's for dinner
  • bought way too many songs on iTunes
  • playlists! playlists galore!
I was music buying crazy person earlier this evening.  Sarah and I both love to use random pop, R&B, or rock songs that were favorites of ours as cool downs in class and I found some awesome ones on the cheap today! The ones I'm excited to do the most?  Motownphilly and Faded.  Been listening to them on repeat all afternoon.  They're still upbeat but you can groove to half time moves and sing along while you stretch.  So fun!

I've got playlists for this entire week 95% done.  I've got a core of 8 songs on each and am still playing with the 8 others and warm up/cool downs on the lists for later this week but that's one less thing on my plate this week.

It's been a good, restful, relaxing day.  I'm not quite ready to go back to work tomorrow. I'd much rather be at home, on the couch, with the kitties!

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