Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simplifying Office Space

I'm almost finished with the Chalene Johnson 30 Day Challenge. I'm loving the tips and tricks I'm learning for managing my to-do lists, my goals, my priorities and getting my life in order.  Her challenge is one of the things that actually gave me the nerve to start this blog.  

The challenge for Sunday was to work on organization in a space that will aide in moving me towards my goals.

I picked the space in my office because I've noticed that I've been spaced out and distracted by people walking back and forth past my office door a lot lately.  The lack of concentration has impacted how quickly I complete my tasks and has often led me to feeling rushed to meet deadlines.  So I did it! I moved furniture, reorganized and made my office a better environment for reaching my professional goals.



It's amazing how much moving my furniture around and finding new places for supplies has done for my state of mind.  I did the rearrangement on Monday and between yesterday and today I have completed 3 major projects that I had been working on off and on for a few weeks.  All 3 of them are now off my desk and no longer weighing on my mind.

I still have a few things I need to do like get a new vase for my bamboo and new pots for the tiny plants on my window sill.

I love the new set up! Facing the wall keeps me from being distracted by people going back and forth to the printer.  I love being able to look out the window when I'm thinking and I love that the natural light helps my eyes hurt less from the monitor and the lights above me.

It also is a more welcoming office.  I can talk to people without peeking over my monitors.  I can sit and have an actual conversation with people sitting in the chairs in my office now.

I also spent a good amount of time cleaning out my drawers and making sure everything is filed away correctly.

Little changes. Major impact!

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