Saturday, October 22, 2011

Simply awesome

Since Thursday everything has just been flowing beautifully.

Last night I had the honor of joining several Zumba instructors from the Rocky Mount are for their Zumbathon to benefit Operation Purple and Soldiers' Angels. It was a fantastic event and they raised over $700 for the two organizations with donations still coming in from those who couldn't be there.

I got to teach two routines.  I did Whenever, Whereever which I choreographed and End of Time which I learned from one of the NC Jammers.  It was the first time I'd participated in an event like that as an instructor and I was nervous but the folks seemed to love both routines and I had a great time just dancing with new people and learning from other, more experienced, instructors.  I happen to know there are pics of me teaching... when I get them I'll share them if they're not too embarrassing!

After that I got to go out to dinner with Marsh, Matt and one of my Zumba buddies and her husband.  It was fabulous! It was great to just sit and chat and share delicious, delicious Mexican food!

THEN! When I got home I had an email that made me squeal like a school girl! I PASSED the Hip Hop Hustle certification - written and practical.  I PASSED! I can't tell you how absolutely happy that news made me.

I'm about to order the AFAA study book so I can get my Group X instructor certification next February.  Knowing that I passed the HHH course gave me the push to just go for it.  My confidence is really starting to build.  Each little hurdle makes me want to hop over a bigger one.

This morning I had a great Zumba class at the YMCA and what happened after just made my heart happy.  One of the students, an older lady, came up to me and told me how much fun she had.  She told me she was just getting back in to working out after having surgery to remove skin cancer from several spots.  She said she felt like Zumba was something that would help her get fit and she wouldn't be bored or dread going.  She specifically asked what my schedule was and said she hoped to see me in class soon.

It's the moments like that which make me feel fulfilled in my role as a Zumba instructor.  I love knowing that people can come in to my class - first time or not - and find the joy in what we're doing.  I love that they come in, sweat, laugh and leave with a smile on their face (even if they want to hit me for trying to kill their legs!)

Tonight is my birthday celebration! Katie and I are going to see Paranormal Activity 3 followed by dinner and drinks in Greenville and then dancing at the gay bar.  I love The Mining Company! Great atmosphere and grope free dancing?  Yes, please!

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