Friday, October 14, 2011

Fitness Fanatic Weekend

That's what I jokingly called this weekend earlier today and it kind of stuck. 

I really feel like I spent today preparing for battle.  Picking my weapons. Packing my go bag. Organizing my life within an inch of insanity.

I'm totally stoked for Hip Hop Hustle tomorrow and even more so for Zumba Toning on Sunday. I'm completely addicted to Zumba and can't wait to add HHH to my repertoire.

I can honestly say I'm falling in love with Chalene Johnson, HHH and Chalene's general life philosophies.  I'm in the middle of doing the 30 Day Challenge and am already grateful for the lessons I've learned in the first 14 days.

I fully believe that I wouldn't have survived this week without my CCDM to-do list.  I've never been great at organization and her tips, tricks and ideas about what makes for a to-do list that will stick made it easy to get everything done. 

Now I can only hope that I not only survive, but thrive this weekend as I sweat through two hot, sweaty, intense licensure courses.

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