Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tis a gift to be simple...

And it's not a gift I am particularly blessed with. 

My name is Samantha and I am currently eight days away from turning 29. 

I live with my loving (and often frustrating) pseudo-finance and our five insane cats.  I call him a pseudo-fiance because he tells everyone we're getting married but I have yet to see a ring or hear a question.  He's a good guy though and I love having by my side as life keeps hurtling on towards adulthood. 

I work for a regional bank here in eastern North Carolina as an analyst in spend management. I solve puzzles all day!  I have a BA in English from Peace College.

He is finishing up grad school getting his degree in the program for Maritime Studies at ECU. He studies ships and history and museum type sciences. 

Yes, we're geeks.

We also several good friends who might as well live with us they're here often enough.   It's like our own little weird, happy, dysfunctional family unit.

My other hobby, and other job, is Zumba fitness.  I became licensed to teach Zumba in June of this year and am currently taking, teaching, or co-teaching up to eight classes a week.  This coming weekend, as a birthday present to me, I am (hopefully) adding Hip Hop Hustle certified instructor as well as Zumba Toning licensure to my fitness resume.

My fitness fascination is a result of severe medical issues which caused me to balloon up to near 500 pounds at my heaviest.  I have lost 150 pounds and am sitting in the realm of 330 pounds and struggling to keep the scale moving.

This blog is going to be a place to discuss, dream, and explore my life as I begin moving towards a simpler, cleaner and healthier existence. 

 I have big goals set out before me for my last year in the 20s.  You're welcome to join me for the ride.  I promise to try to keep it simple...

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