Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zumbathon - Success

Yesterday was the big day - Sarah and I hosted a Zumbathon here in Wilson and it was successful beyond our wildest dreams.

Here's the story.  At the start of the school year one of our Zumba students, Maryanna, approached Sarah about helping her with her senior project.  She wanted to do something with Zumba in the community.  Initially they were going to do something with the local children's after school center.  That didn't work out. Then a plan was born!

Sarah and I had been talking about doing a Zumbathon for a family with a son who suffers from hemophilia and it just seemed everything

Yesterday we had 12 amazing instructors and just over 120 residents of Wilson and the surrounding areas get together to raise money for the Davis family. 

Let's review the day, shall we?

We started off with temptation - breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  This biscuit stared at me, tempting me to eat it.  I was good though.  I only dreamed of getting it's tastiness in my tummy.

Then it was off to Fike High School to get everything set up for the Zumbathon.  Everything started to fall right in to place and before we knew it the stage was set up, the music was pumping and Sarah and I were up on the stage.

We were all higher than high on the energy of the crowd. It was fantastic fun and for such a good cause.

Action shots below.

120 people!!

Shake it!

Mrs. Fatass and I!

Maryanna teaches her first solo routine ever!

Heather rocks out to "Shackles (Praise You!)"

Jesus gets us shakin!

Keith salsas to a remix of "Yellow Submarine."

Mrs. Fatass gets the crowd pumped.

Me shakin' it with Heather.

After everything was broken down and money counted, we went out to dinner and watched Carolina whoop Duke.  Fantastic day was fantastic!

I am so blessed to have Zumba in my life.  It's given me friends, a new "family", a connection to the community and a creative outlet.  Yesterday just proved to me that things come to you when you need them most.  Thank you to my Zumba family for giving me new purpose in life.

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