Saturday, March 10, 2012

The real world ate me.

It seems like this week was just one really, really, really long and terrible day.  Still, I'm actually pretty content all things considered.

Let's rewind to Sunday.

After the high of the Zumbathon I was ready to take on the week.  Marshall was going out to hit the store and BAM his battery was dead. It had to be jumped to go to the Zumbathon on Saturday.  Went to start my car? Also dead.  The issue with mine was the security chip in my engine had died.  Not cool.

Then I went to go teach Zumba at the YMCA and midway through class I moved the wrong way and heard/felt something go POP in my back just below my shoulder blade.  YEOWCH!~ I could barely make it through the rest of class and was ungodly thankful for my front row divas for holding it down for me.

Monday the main was not any better. Marsh drove me to work and I brought a pillow and my ice pack to the office, medicated with a rotation of ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin to keep the swelling at bay.  It only moderately worked.  On top of being in pain I had a big meeting at work this week so I had a TON of actual work to do.  So I couldn't take it easy and relax.  I had to be productive.

After work I still had a class to teach and I got there and I made it through... it wasn't all that fun though.  On top of everything else I slapped the floor doing Shawty got Moves and hurt my thumb.  OW! I made it worse today.  See?

Bad picture, but the bruise isn't pretty to begin with.
I finally got in to see the doctor on Wednesday.  Tuesday was painful but no worse than Monday but I knew I needed to have it checked. 

(Digression.  I was slightly concerned I had done something to a rib the way it cracked so I did the bad internet user thing and WebMD'd the symptoms.  First suggestion of what was wrong? PULMONARY EMBOLISM.  Second option? Muscle strain. End Digression.)

I went to the doc and he informed me I had, indeed, strained my rhomboid muscle and prescribed vicuprofen (a hybrid of vicodin and ibuprofen), a muscle relaxer, a steroid and gave me a shot of torodol. He told me to keep working out and to push through the pain as much as possible.  He made a good point - I really won't want a muscle that's around my ribs to get too tensed up and it did hurt less if I kept it moving.  So I kept up with my normal workout schedule.

Thursday was the day of the big meeting.  I barely slept Wednesday night because, apparently, this specific muscle relaxer acts like ritalin for me and I was super focused and mentally aware all night but I got up and headed to work and then Raleigh for the meeting and presentation.  It went really well.  I was exhausted.

I got to teach my first class at a new location after work on Thursday and it was unbelievable! I love the energy of the folks there and can't wait to see them again next week.  On a sad note I did have cancel Hip Hop Hustle Thursday night because I tried several of the moves and it caused pain beyond what I could push through and not cry.  Back to it next week though!

Yesterday was a super sad day for me too because it was a coworkers last day and I was so sad to see her go.  She is an amazing woman and I'm glad I had the honor of working with her.  I cried saying goodbye.  I try so hard not to cry at work.  For her, it was worth it.

I also got to have a girly night out yesterday - went to a ThirtyOne part with my friend Jennifer.  Was out in Tarboro but worth the drive.  It was great to spend time with her.

Today I had to skip my morning Zumba class due to what I can only describe as a hangover from the muscle relaxer pain killer combination.  It was hard to fall asleep but when I did I slept well... but I woke up feeling like someone drilled in to my temples.  I did, however, get to go to a Zumbathon in Goldsboro to support the instructors out that way.  It was a blast and I loved getting to teach for the crew out there.  It was a rush!

Now I'm spending the evening reading and relaxing with the boys.  Tomorrow I go for a run/jog/walk and teach at the Y.  ALSO it's weigh in and measurement day.  Because I forgot about quarterly measurements 2 weeks ago.  Whoops! Tomorrow! Yayayay!

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