Friday, March 2, 2012

No Bread? Only SLIGHTLY problematic ...

So I'm a little over a week in to Lent and my sacrifice of bread.

I've been swamped, thankfully, and haven't had as much time to dwell on the cravings for warm Italian bread and tasty biscuits. But it's difficult... I just want to not think and get a sandwich or reach for the bread basket.

Physically it's been easier than I expected. The physical cravings are minimal. The emotional? A completely different story.

A rough day at work? I can't go home and as I look at dinner I feel incomplete without crackers in my soup or bread with my pasta or croutons on my salad. I don't need those things but it's part of how I think of a complete meal. It's how I think of bonding with those I love.

All of my comfort food meals are generally accompanied by a bread product.

So, where is a bread addict to find her comfort?

In her friends, in Zumba, in my workouts. It's not as yummy in my tummy but I'm coping.

36 days to go.

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  1. You are doing more than awesome Sam! when this is all said and done, you are going to be so proud of yourself!


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