Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weigh in GLEE

4.8 pounds. I lost 4.8 pounds this past week.  I am on cloud 9!

I know that's not normal and I will likely have a slight gain in next weeks weigh in but it was great to see that change when I hopped on the scale this morning.

Today I spent some quality time learning new Zumba routines.  The new ZIN release is AMAZING.  I taught Mr. Saxobeat today and am hoping to feel comfortable enough with If You Wanna Dance to do it tomorrow night. Loveeeeee it.

Tomorrow I'm off work and fully intend on getting up at my normal time and getting in some Zumba learning time, a TurboJam workout and a Rockin' Body workout and my Shakeology shake before we head off to Raleigh for a day of shopping.

I'm finally going to go shopping for shoes... get some lift to my heel and maybe get this silly Achilles tendon to heal!

It's important to stay on routine even if the day is anything but!

I'm hoping to wake up to a little bit of snow tomorrow.  We'll see though!

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