Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mission: Organization

Do you know how hard it is to get your hands on an accordion file folder at this time of year?  I mean, what the heck?  I just wanted a file sorter to keep my stuff organized.

I did find a pretty cool organizer though.

What I like about this is that it's only 8 pockets but each pocket doubles as an envelope section to hold smaller things. My front pocket, for example, is for miscellaneous information with the pocket envelope at the bottom holds my thank you cards to be sent out.  Then I've got a folder for Powder Blue stuff, Zumba stuff, Shakeology stuff, BeachBody stuff, Push challenge material and bills and personal documents.

It was starting to get cumbersome hauling around random pieces of paper to various places.  I can just toss this in to my bag and pull out my cheat sheets for Hustle, my new Zumba choreography cheat sheets, information for people interested in Shakeology or BeachBody challenges and not be searching through random stuff to get what I need. 

I also spent some time organizing more stuff in my workout central.  I threw out documentation I didn't need, found some additional documentation to go with my taxes (I had the amounts from my check book but now I have the formal receipts) and threw away some extrameous packing materials that were hanging around.  

All in all, not a bad days work for trying to get organized.  Tonight, after I teach Hustle at the Y, I'm going to finish going through all the stuff in the drawers next to my side of the bed and try to come up with an organizational structure for my gym bag as well.  It's so hard because I need a lot of space for clothes when I do double or triple classes in a day but I also hate lugging around my large duffel bag.  Ugh!

I also need to buy a new purse for all the stuff I need to carry.  Currently my bag isn't big enough to even hold my calendar.  I'll find something, I'm sure.

Today I also started reading Chalene Johnson's new book PUSH.  It's a lot like the 30 Day Challenge I did last October but a little different and a bit more focused and I'm excited about it.  Today I did my priority worksheet and I went back and compared to the last challenge and wow have things changed in just that time! I'm excited to see what new stuff I learn about myself this time around!

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