Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mission: Spoil Myself!

As part of working on me I have to learn to spoil myself from time to time.  As part of that goal I took myself out today for a day of me time.

We had an amazing Zumba class this morning! 33 people on a Saturday morning is pretty bad ass to begin with but the energy was through the roof.  After a long hot shower and lunch with Marsh and Chip I headed off to be a girl!!

I got a manicure, a pedicure and I got my eyebrows waxed AND I got my hair trimmed and shaped up.  I felt positively girly and I liked it. 

After that I went shopping for some groceries and some more organizational stuff.  I got a lot of personal business stuff organized and I want to get my actual work stuff in the same state of organization.  When I got home I put stuff away and curled up on the couch and caught up on some DVR. 

Around dinner time I headed to a birthday party for a friend and that's where my day stopped being awesome. I developed a shellfish allergy a few years ago and it's not severe but it's annoying.  Well they had a good old fashioned oyster bake and had lots of other shellfish on hand.  I stuck to what I knew was shrimp and oyster free but I must have accidentally eaten something because my mouth started to feel funny and I got queasy. 

So now I'm home, doing laundry and waiting for the Benadryl to knock me out. 

Other things I've done this week to spoil myself?  I went to see Nunsense at the Nash Arts council last night and we did dinner at Outback and I didn't worry about calories and just ate what tasted good. 

Then I bought a new purse, a new wallet and a new lunch tote from ThirtyOne. 

AND I spent a good chunk of change on my business cards and new checks and on some base product to keep around to share the Shakeology love.  I cannot WAIT to get my hands on Tropical and I NEED more GreenBerry.  I just need to keep from drinking EVERYTHING I bought!

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