Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Achilles Tendon is my Achilles Heel.

My Achilles tendon really is an Achilles tendon. It's going to be the death of me.

On November 12, 2005 I fell in my drive way while getting in to my car.  I broke my ankle.  Specifically I snapped off my Lateral malleolus.  I broke it off. SNAP.  (Yes, it made that noise.)

Something like this happened. It hurt.
In the process I did some ugly things to my Achilles tendon and the other tendons and ligaments in my ankle and foot.  It was not a pleasant injury and the recovery was fabulously awful.

Since then I have periods of time where my ankle decides it just wants to be a pain... literally and figuratively. About this time last year I came down on my ankle roughly and got my tendon all inflamed.  It took probably 3 months to get back to working out without pain.  This time?  I tweaked it stretching! STRETCHING! Last week when I said it hurt to teach HHH it was because of this silly tendon and it's currently inflamed status. 

Here's the thing - I am doing everything I know to do to in order to get this silly tendon to heal up.  I rest it (outside of teaching, obviously), ice, compression, elevation, anti-inflammatory meds and massaging the tendon before bed time.  It's not getting worse but it's not really getting better either.

It feels better for a day or two and then I'm walking down the hallway at work and it goes "OW! NO WALKING LADY!" or it feels fine all day and then I get up to pee at 3a.m. and it says "Saaaam! Get back in to bed!!!!" Ungh! I just want this to stop being so schizophrenic. 

Aside from dealing with the bum ankle I've been enjoying getting my hands in to the Team Beach Body coaching arena.  I'm really excited about the release of Tropical Shakeology next week.  I need to call tomorrow and get my autoship changed to Strawberry. MmMm. 

I'm really falling in love with GreenBerry too! The sample I got has wound up being addictive.  It's all about getting the right fruit juice behind it and the right fresh or frozen fruit to get the right consistency.  Favorite GreenBerry recipe so far?

  • 1 scoop GreenBerry Shakeology
  • 1 cup V8 Splash - Mango Peach
  • 1 cup frozen Mango chunks.
OMG! It's green and awful looking but it tastes so awesome. I've made this three times so far.  The third time I also added some fresh raspberries I needed to use up and it was too good for words.

Tomorrow is my 30 day weigh in and measurement meeting for my BB challenge and I am excited to see what the scales and tape have to say.

I feel like I'm on a real roll. Nutritionally I'm making good decisions, my exercise schedule is solid and I'm starting to work on some LifeKraze challenges to do 2012 crunches and 2012 push-ups in 2012.  I'm behind but I'm working on them day by day!  I can do this! I can do it all!

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  1. I have problems with my achilles tendon too. If you don't want to end up in a boot again I suggest only wearing wedge heel shoes, never flats! Also, don't walk around in bare feet. Good luck, physical therapy is the only thing that really helped me finally get my leg stronger and take the pressure off of it.


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