Saturday, February 11, 2012

Progress Pictures (Reader Beware!)

This may be the hardest post I've ever written.  Mostly because I'm about to post pics of me in a sport bra.  This shouldn't be pleasant for anyone... but I really want to share the pictures and the success I've had over the last month with you all.

The stats on January 2 - 
Weight: 330.2 lbs
Chest: 46.5
Waist: 45.5
Hips: 66.5
The stats on February 9 -
Weight: 320.4 lbs
Chest: 45.5
Waist: 45
Hips: 64
The count?
Weight: -9.8 lbs
Chest: -1
Waist: -.5
Hips: -2.5
Now, the pictures!



Things I notice - I have more of a neck, my angry fat fold in the front are getting much smaller and my calves look thinner, especially through the ankle area.


My thighs look smaller, my calf muscles look higher, tighter and more defined. Also, my stomach looks flatter and it doesn't hang down/over nearly as much.  I can also see my arms look smaller!


Definitely can see a difference in my butt here.  The "butt shelf" is greatly diminished! My thighs look less lumpy and there's much less there to make my stance wider.  My fat rolls on my back are smaller and far less defined. The arm and upper back fat are starting to melt away and I can tell, even in just the month between these, that my upper arms are more toned.  Even in a still picture I look less jiggly!

I'll be interested to see what these pictures look like in another 30 days!


  1. Nice work sister. You're braver than me. I don't like to post pics of myself fully clothed. You've inspired to get back in the gym and stop the stress eating I've been doing. With much love & admiration.

  2. Already you look amazing, Sam! You're beautiful, anyway, but I'm proud of you! You have my full support and I'll be cheering you on all the way! Best of luck, lovely lady! I can't wait to see the next result!

  3. Did you notice your shoulders? The after pictures show them being MUCH stronger looking. Your upper body is coming along nicely.

    I love looking at shoulders - so beautiful on women. All that Zumba is going to give them a great tone without bulk.

    Keep it up sweet girl! Now go kick some skinny girl's ass in class today :)

  4. You are very brave Sam!! You have done a great job and I know you have the strength to continue on this fantastic journey. Keep it up!


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