Saturday, May 5, 2012

Running towards a goal.

I know! Almost 2 weeks since my last post.  I've been a neglectful blogger! That ends today! I have big things to share and one post won't hold it all.

Today was a big day! My second ever 5k. 

It may not shock many of you to hear this, but I am NOT A RUNNER.  In fact, I tend to think of running as only a means to an end.  I will run under the following situations:
  1. I am being chased by a supernatural psycho killer
  2. There is something I absolutely need that can only be attained by running
  3. Zombies
So why in the world I have agreed to not just one 5k, but several?  Because I wanted to have a goal, something to fight for and if it's something that mentally taxes me, all the better.

I did my first 5k in October 2010.  I finished in BARELY an hour and I trained like a mad woman for it.  I did a C2 5K program but even my jogging was barely a slow walk at the time.  I was about 80 pounds heavier than I am now.

I finished though!
My feet were all blisters from my odd gait, I was the last person to cross the finish line and I hurt for days but I finished that race with a smile.  That smile said SCREW YOU EVERYONE WHO THINKS BECAUSE I'M FAT THAT I'M NOT TRYING! I vowed to do better the next time around.

Last year I missed the Robin Run because I was instructing during the Party in Pink Zumbathon that we did in conjunction with the 5k.  I was sad to miss the race but overjoyed to share the stage with so many amazing instructors.  Knowing that the Zumbathon will likely continue to conflict with the 5k, I looked for a new race to run. 

Enter the Junior Wilson Womens' Club Bookin' It 5k.  Raising money for books for the library while running?  I'll do it! A goal! A date! A problem!

How the HELL was I supposed to find time to run/walk/jog while teaching 9-12 hours of Zumba a week?  There's only so many hours in the day! So I signed up and vowed that I would push my limits, train when I could and hope that the change in my overall health and my cardiovascular training from Zumba would serve me well.  My goal?  Shave 10 minutes off my time and, maybe, not be the last person to cross the finish line.

I did it!
I did it! The route was actually longer than 3.2 miles.  As I walked up to the finish line my GPS sounded 4 miles. 51:57.  My time at 3.2 miles? 41:50. And my pace for the whole time was around 13 minutes.  There was ONE PERSON who finished after I did.  So, all things considered, I took my goals and beat them. 

I am a proud Sam today!

After the race and a shower I did lunch with Sarah and Marshall and it was delicious.  I drank a mango margarita, ate some of Chili's classic nachos and a delicious entree of habanero and sweet orange glazed chicken and, instead of rice, I had two servings of broccoli.  It was all just perfect to refuel my body. 

Then I napped ... for 3 hours. 

Now to catch up on the DVR and relax a bit.  I think I've earned it today!

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