Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Measurements, Success and TAKE THAT!

So, I'm a bad Sam and forgot to take pictures this weekend but those are coming.  Measurements, however, I completed.

Measurement 08/21/11 11/21/11 02/21/11 05/21/11 3Q Change
Weight 340 329 310 301.4 38.6
Wrist 6.75 6.33 6.25 6.25 -0.5
Upper Arm 16.75 16 15 14.75 -2
Chest 50 48.75 48 46 -4
Ribcage 43 42 41.5 40 -3
Waist 48.5 45 44 43.5 -5
Hips 68 64 61.5 60 -8
Upper Thigh 34 33 31 31 -3
Calf 17.5 17.75 15.5 15.75 -1.75
Ankle 10 9.75 9.25 9.5 -0.5

What's that?  Almost 39 pounds and 27.75 inches lost in 9 months?  HELLS TO THE YEAH!

Also? My body fat percentage? Decreased 3.8% since January. 

On top of all of that, I had my Peak Health appointment today and, according to her scale, I was 299 today and was allowed to do the bike test to determine my cardiovascular health.

She had to write down FAIR because of my total weight but she was SHOCKED at how little that bike impacted my blood pressure and pulse.  She said the % change would have me in the EXCELLENT category at a healthy weight.

This annoys me and delights me at the same time.  I mean, really, why is my cardiovascular health level dependent on my weight? 

My blood pressure was 118/80. My pulse was 80.  Neither showed any measurable increase during my bike test.  Obviously, I am taking care of my heart and doing all of the things I'm supposed to do and I handle the basic stress test perfectly then, obviously, my heart is freaking healthy. 

Just another reason to hate being this fat.  I am tired of doctors making me feel like my efforts aren't enough.  I know I'm not thin but, damnit, I am doing everything possible to be healthy and being told I'm in FAIR shape only makes me feel even worse about everything I'm doing.

However - HA! Talk about progress since much of that was since January.  In January I was 324 per the Peak Health scale.  I'm kicking butt and taking names this year!


  1. FAIR my booty! You are amazing! Your heart is great and getting the lbs off will do tremendous things for your joints now and as you get older.

    Being another larger woman, I understand the struggle and frustration but hold your head high and move forward!

    I feed off the of the energy and self confident sexiness that you exude! You inspire and motivate me to work just as hard to lose my weight!

    You go girl!

  2. Sam - I couldn't help but notice that you also jumped another hurdle, you hit the 200s! I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. This is a battle I have very quietly and deeply struggled with my entire life. Thank you for your strength and sharing your story.


  3. Sam you make me smile! Thanks for sharing your progress - you are an inspiration

    and you are way way more than "fair" I'd put your cardiovascular health above 75% of the population that thinks they are in shape because the scale says so. oh hell no - health is way more complicated than that

    For now - do what you do cuz you make it look so damn good!

  4. Congrats! Your cv health is awesome. We have the same pulse. :)


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