Friday, April 6, 2012

The week that sucked and yet didn't suck.

So let's start with the most important thing - I was in a car accident that caused the very noble death of my dear 1993 Oldsmobile 98.  Onslow the Oldsmobile died protecting me in a 5 car collision on I-440 in Raleigh.  I was coming home from a large meeting and a combination of rain, congestion and bad luck caused the accident and I'm just lucky I walked away from it.  I've got a sore shoulder and a handful of small bruises from my seat belt. 

What's left of my poor,  beloved, steed.

I had a major panic attack when I saw this for the first time in daylight the day after the accident.  The fact that i wasn't injured more than I was is... unbelievable. I was touched by an angel.

I probably won't be saying that in a few weeks once the bills start rolling in from the driver I hit. Plus there's that nasty business in that I need to get another car for myself.  So stressed about the whole thing.

Aside from the emotional wreckage left behind by feeling that I probably should have died this week really has been pretty good.

My big presentation at work went really well.  I've gotten a TON accomplished. 

Zumba has been AMAZING this week.  We finally added Toning in to our rotation and our first class was Thursday night.  It was SO AWESOME.

I also taught my first class at a new gym on Thursday night and that was fantastic as well. 

I'm really feeling strong and proud of where I am and what I'm accomplishing, personally and professionally.
I'm starting to put more effort in to my BeachBody business and the challenge groups I'm developing.  I'm really excited to see the changes in my team members.

Tomorrow is a Zumba marathon.  Class from 9:30-10:30, Toning from 10:30-11, and a Zumbathon from 2-5. I can't wait!

I'm also stoked for weigh in this week.  Ready to see the weight drop closer to the 300 mark! I know I can do it this month! 

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