Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tone it up!

Zumba Toning is taking off here in Wilson and it feels awesome to be a part of that.  I'm loving the added intensity and the focus on strength and control.  It feels empowering.

On top of Toning, I'm working on adding in some more fitness elements in to our usual classes.  Tonight we tried out a new fitness routine to Booty Wurk by T-Pain.  We did it in both classes tonight and YEOWCH! My thighs, lower abs and obliques are screaming.  Really excited about playing with that and Imma Be to really kill the muscles on non-Toning days. 

We also started doing Don Omar's Taboo. Which is killer too! I'm hoping to add in a new cha-cha this week too.  So much exciting stuff on the Zumba front this week.  It's a good escape from all the drama of the car accident.

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