Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weird Weather Blues and a Zumba High

This morning I slept in.  It was glorious... I woke up at 7am and stayed in bed until like 10:30.  My face felt heavy and I just didn't want to stand up.

This wonky weather is going to be the death of my sinuses.  It all started Friday...

Friday I felt okay when I woke up - then I stepped outside. I sneezed my way through my morning routine, got to work, took my claritin and hoped I would feel better.  So not how it worked.  Walked outside to head out to lunch and felt like I got hit in the face with a baseball bat.  I sneezed and hacked through lunch.  After lunch I took a second dose of claritin still no relief.   Taking the second dose of claritin early made my blood pressure go sky high.  I felt awful and wound up leaving work a little early to take a short nap before heading out for my evening plans.

I threw a dose of Benadryl on board to help with the sneezing fits from hell, took a cat nap, and headed to Apex for a master class fundraiser with Matt and Sarah.

Matt and I get scandalous!

Gratuitous cell phone self portrait of the two-headed Zumba monster - Sam and Sarah!

Being in a room with Loretta Bates,  Erica Dixon, or Renee Picket is humbling when it's just one of them.  Any combination of the two? Beyond amazing.  Back in November I went to a master class with Renee and Loretta and I thought I was going to die from the intensity.  Friday night it was Erica and Loretta and again my tail was properly whooped.

Renee & Loretta - Double Trouble MC 11/4/11
Erica and Loretta - Double Trouble MC 1/20/12

The above pictures were taken only a little over 2 months apart and I can gladly say I see a difference in how I look.  (Totally sad I didn't get a pic with Erica this time around! Next time!!!)

I had an amazing time dancing, got to see a few faces I hadn't seen since my B1 certification last June and just enjoyed getting my tail kicked by two utterly fantastic instructors! I am so inspired by their presence.  Every time I get to take class with any one of them I am reminded why I fell in love with Zumba to begin with and I feel the need to up my game and bring the fire back to my classes.  

Saturday morning I got up and I was so horribly sore I didn't want to move but I was excited to bring that passion from the night before to our class at the studio.  It was hard to get going but once I got class under way I felt on top of the world.

I spent Saturday afternoon walking around Raleigh with Marsh, Matt, Chip, Ryan and Katie.  We had dinner at a fantastic Irish pub and it was fantastic.  I was snotty the whole time and 3 doses of Benadryl were required to keep me functioning.  Dinner was a scandalous mix of carbohydrates and I even had a beer! Naughty!

Today when I woke up I could feel my face was heavy from snot and I didn't want to move.  "Sleeping in" helped.  I may have been awake but I was lazy and in my bed warm under my blankets.

When I finally got up we went out to lunch and I ate all the protein! At El Tap, our local Mexican joint, I got ChoriPollo.  Two chicken breasts covered in red sauce, a smattering of cheese, and spicy chorizo.  I got it was refried beans and bypassed all the tortillas.  I was full all day! I had to force down a snack before Zumba. I'm still not even all that hungry.  I'm only eating so that my meds don't make me sick!

Class this afternoon was fantastic! 75 minutes, 32 people, lots of giggles! I swear, no matter how bad I feel, I always feel better after a good class. The energy of the students, the sweat, the general atmosphere - it's therapeutic!

About to try out the base Rockin' Body workout after I hang up some laundry and get to bed early.

Wednesday is my big appointment with Peak Health - hoping the nurse will be pleased with my weight loss progress.  If not I may have a nervous breakdown!

Who, other than me, has the worst allergies in the late fall and winter?  I can't be the only one who suffers like this!

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  1. Don't forget that an old lady actually told some new comers today that she thought that some of us used to "work a pole" when we were younger.. there's a quote! You go Sexy Sam! :)


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