Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shaking it in 2012!

The first week of 2012 has been full of insanity and I couldn't love it more!

After the nutritionist meeting on Tuesday I tried very hard to follow her calorie splits and get in the 3 meals and 3 snacks that she wanted.  I have to admit, I feel more even already.  I don't wake up feeling queasy and nauseated and that's a first for me!

My workouts this week were insane and awesome at the same time.  Been doing my Turbo Jam workouts where time permits (20 minute express x 3 this week!) but have been on a Zumba binge it seems.

Wednesday night I hit up TurboKick and then taught an hour of Zumba.
Thursday was a Zumba marathon.  I taught an hour at the YMCA, ran across the road to the studio, taught the last 35 minutes of a class there and then had a 30 minute break before teaching another hour of Zumba.
Friday was my rest day and woah did I need it!
Saturday morning I did an hour of Zumba and my body was still not quite over the 2.5 hours on Thursday night.  My quads!!!!!
Today I am teaching a 75 minute Zumba class and working on my Hip Hop Hustle stuff.

Scared/Freaked Out Rant - GO!

I'm teaching my first Hip Hop Hustle class on Thursday night! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Today I'm making cheat sheets to post on the mirrors to keep me on point and practicing as much as possible.  I'm totally scared out of my mind.  Thankfully, I know Sarah will be at my side and Sue and Daphne are going to be there.  I know I won't be alone but it's the first time HHH will have been taught in Wilson! That's SCARY! I want it to take hold and be successful. One of my goals is to be teaching at least 2 HHH classes a week by the end of 2012.

I'm reviewing the moves and drilling the music in to my head and hope to slam the class out of the park.  I know I can do it! I know I can!

End Rant.

I'm also in the process of cleaning the house a bunch today.  I vacuumed, I organized, I threw things out.  I did dishes and laundry is currently running. I went grocery shopping and got everything set up for food for the week.  I'm going to get this house under control! I will!

I've got a busy week ahead of me.  Professionally I'm finishing user acceptance testing on my first big project ever.  I started working on this in August of 2012.  The program is written and should be implemented at the end of the month. EEEEE!

Then I've got 7 Zumba classes and 1 Hip Hop Hustle to teach/co-teach and one TurboKick class to rock.  And the mornings will be my solo TurboJam time. 

I'm on pattern, on schedule and on track to make 2012 the best year possible.

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  1. Loving the advice this nutritionist gave you! Especially if you are feeling great!


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