Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fat People have Knees too!

Well, rejoice! My knee is feeling much better after resting it Thursday - Sunday.  I went back to teaching last night and took it easy enough that I wasn't scared I'd reinjure it right off the bat. Also, it was fun to dial back the intensity and dial up and playing with the class.

However, the saga of my annoyed knee goes on.  It's still a little tender and feels tight when I stretch.  I'm being careful about movement and I'm staying the course with my anti-inflammatory meds for the time being.

I also want to procure a knee brace.  Nothing major, just something to help protect my knee while whatever I angered calms down more.

No such luck!

Apparently, if your knee is better than 17 inches around at the thigh above it, you're kinda SOL when it comes to knee braces.  At least locally and at an affordable price.

It's not so much to ask for support for my ailing knee, is it?

Last night I tried 3 different places looking for something I might be able to make work and the best I could do was wrap my knee in self adhesive athletic tape that slid down about 15 minutes in to class.

Come on first aide companies! Fat people have knees too! Give us some support!


  1. I'm glad your knee is "mostly" better. I hope youre able to find a brace somewhere!

  2. Have you tried Thomas Drug Store or the Medical supply place by the soon to be gone mall?

  3. Dangit. Lost my comment because stupid Wordpress had logged me out so it wouldn't publish. Anyway, my husband just got the Shock Doctor knee brace (https://www.shockdoctor.com/ultra-knee-support-with-bilateral-hinges) and it's great - sizes up to XXL, which is for knees measuring 16.25" at a spot 2" BELOW the center of the kneecap, so maybe that would work (stands to reason that your smaller there than at thigh level, right?). Anyway, I know that's not super helpful from a "need something that works now" standpoint, but maybe for future use... I think he got his from Amazon or straight from the company website, but he originally saw it at Dick's Sporting Goods.

  4. Oh, and it comes in lighter support versions, too - he got the maximum support one because that's what he needed.


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