Friday, March 15, 2013

Damnit, knee.

Okay, really. This isn't fair anymore. I start to get results and everything goes wonky. This weekend I'm going to do some picture comparisons and a post on how my body is changing but for the moment the only thing I have to say is -

Why is it that I can be as careful as I can be and still wind up injuring myself ... And not know how I did it.

So, lets go back to Wednesday before last. Class 1 of 3 for the night. I go down in to a squat on C'mon (Catch me by Surprise) and everything is fine. Good form, show modifications, nothing unusual. Top of the squat something feels weird. I back off, don't squat any more for the class. Everything is fine. After the last class of the night my knee was a little sore. I did do 2.5 hours of Zumba. It aches a little on Thursday and then feels fine.

Friday night I was just drained. We had an awesome master class fundraiser and I felt like I was moving through quicksand but my knee didn't hurt.

Saturday it starts hurting again, I got through the event held by my friend Val and it popped on a weird way. Like under my shin. It didn't hurt a lot and I danced on it no problem. Then I did my normal scheduled Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then Wednesday it all went sideways,

Wednesday morning my knee really hurt. Like REALLY hurt. I medicated and took its very easy on myself on classes but it just didn't feel right. Thursday, I was never more glad to have a night off. By mid day I couldn't concentrate the pain was bad enough. So, sucked it up and went to the doctor.

But not my doctor. Mine is at the ACC tournament.

So, I went to immediate care where the awesome PA cringed through the whole physical exam. The popping noises are truly awful. Truly.

The X-ray showed nothing is broken. I was told to rest and if it was still making those noises and causing this much pain I needed an MRI.

Here I sit, Vicodin in my tummy, trying to figure out what I did wrong. It doesn't make sense. I didn't fall, trip, not out of control on any of my moves. I eat well. I take supplements to protect my joints because I'm so overweight and I know that puts more stress on my joints. So why am I sitting here in pain?

I really hate not having to ability to move freely. Even getting up to go pee is a chore.

I was talking to Sue about how annoyed I am at all of this. Having to cancel classes or find coverage this weekend, not being able to do things I had planned, being stuck in the house because its my right knee and I'm worried about it acting up and causing me to get in an accident and she said "You don't do well with restriction." And it's true!

I'm terrible at being told no. I'm a stubborn woman who will do it just to spite you. Yet, here I sit, trying to behave and thinking of all the ways I can slip around the restriction and still be a good girl. Just on the inside of the line though.

On a sweeter note, friends that I've made through Zumba have been so loving and supportive and awesome through this. I'm overwhelmed by all the care and support.

Hope made me giggle earlier tonight, she texted me and said "Your doctor just doesn't know how many folks sanity he's messing with by not fixing your knee." I laughed and then I felt a bit warm and fuzzy. I'm loved and they miss me already,

And it's totally a two way street. I miss them too! I was dying Thursday night knowing I had a free night and not being able to go to the gym and take Piloxing to switch things up and play with folks there. Ivey and Melissa and Christian were all there for the first time and I would have loved to have been there with them!

I'm super sad about not being able two do my classes this weekend - not just for the exercise but for the fact that I need to move. When I don't work out for more than a day or two I get grumpy. I'm hooked on the endorphins and the social aspect of going to class. I miss my friends. I miss the release. I miss the me time.

Stupid knee!

At least I'll get to catch up on my movie watching more, right? Gotta love a movie marathon weekend!


  1. Oh Sam - you and I are so alike sometimes it's scary.

    I nurse injuries all the time - I normally live on the edge of a severe one, and back off right before something happens.

    Until last Saturday when friend introduced me to the Running Band - a HUUUUGE ass rubber band that slips around my waist, while she holds onto my while I try to run.

    or in my case, tear a glute muscle - and those things are hard to tear. Oh well. Pain free glutes are overrated any way.

    Hang in there sweetie - enjoy the movies and think of some cool moves, You will heal -- PROMISE!!

  2. I love your tags for this one: Injured, Loved, Whiny.

    And I love you.


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