Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beware Mr. Tomic.

Beware! Beware! Mrs. Fatass and I are now coming for the little ones.  ZumbAtomic is coming and coming soon.

Today we drove to Virginia to spend the day with the lovely, talented, joyous Loretta Bates.  She doesn't know it, but she's totally my new BFF.

See. She totally feels the ZumbaLove with me. 

Most importantly, she taught an INCREDIBLE course on teaching ZumbAtomic classes, sessions and birthday parties. 

Trio Fitness is ready to hit the ground running and bring the Zumba love to everyone regardless of age. 

I still need to get my Gold license but that's coming.

ALSO! Speaking of trainings. 

The Saturday before my 30th birthday I will be taking the Zumba Sentao training. Then, once I find a Gold class that I can get to. I will be missing only the Aqua circle on my profile.  GET ALL THE CIRCLES!!!!

Also... I need pretty Toning clothing now... I just realized my Zumbawear is short a Toning Instructor top.  Boo!

Anyway... today was great not just because of how awesome Loretta and Zumbatomic are but because I got to spend the day with Sue.

It's been a while she she and I could just talk.  And we did... for 2.5 hours up and then dinner and 3 hours back.  We laughed, had a few weepy moments and shared stuff we likely wouldn't have had a chance to talk about otherwise and I loved every bit of it. 

I am now exhausted and sore and realizing that trying to dance like a 7 year old is harder than I thought.  Trying to control my out of control hips when learning to modify was HARD.  I need to shake it extra hard tomorrow to let my muscles have some fun!!!!


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous about the (upcoming) Zumba Sentao! NO ONE in my area offers that yet - you should come teach a visiting-instructor class! ;-)
    Congrats on the ZumbAtomic - I bet teaching that would be a BLAST. There's nothing like a bunch of kids to get that energy pumping - and the birthday thing is such a cool idea. Wish they'd had ZumbAtomic parties when I was a kid. :-) (Instead, I was the only kid - and a chunky, uncoordinated kid at that - in Jazzercise, because my mom took me as a weight-loss strategy - SO much less cool than Zumba)

    1. Me and you both! I would have LOOOOOVED the ZA parties. Getting a dance and act like a fool with my best friends? Heck, I'm considering it for my 30th coming up in October!!
      Depending on where you are, weirder things have been known to happen. mUAHAHAHAH
      And YES! Those are a pair of my new Zumba pants. Adorable, right? AND SO COMFY!

    2. I'm up in Boone - my Zumba instructor is all about bringing in other visiting instructors to highlight new stuff.... just sayin'... ;-)

  2. Your enthusiasm makes me want to try Zumba again...maybe this time I'd like it!

    1. Hey, on a side note - are those your new Zumba pants? Stylin'!

    2. The instructor makes all the difference. If you do decide to give it another go, try a different instructor. There are so many different styles of Zumba and so many different teaching styles that you may try another class and find your fitness soul mate. :)


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