Saturday, June 23, 2012

So this is a thing now...

I own a bathing suit.  An actual bathing suit.  I haven't owned one since college.

I have legs and a back and everything! Look at that! I know the socks don't work but my toes were cold so I didn't take them off.

Here's the thing - even in college at an all women's college I didn't want to be seen in my bathing suit.  I didn't want my classmates to judge me.  I would go swimming with my roommate and best college friend but that was about it.  I took a water aerobics class and was over joyed when I was informed that I had mono and couldn't play water polo as it gave me an out from class half of the time.

I hated that much of my blobby body being seen by anyone.  I felt like Shamu and had been called all sorts of horrible names by people every time I wore a bathing suit so I stopped for the longest time.

Well, I now have a reason to be back in a bathing suit.  Several reasons, actually.

Firstly, I just want to go to the pool and play with my friends.  I want to sit next to the pool and feel the sun on my skin and then jump in to the cool water and relax.  I've never wanted that before now but... it's a thing now.  I want to relax in the sun!

Secondly, the Zumba Convention.  I want to be able to put on a bathing suit and lounge in the pool in between and or after a long day of Zumba-ing.  I want to be able to take an Aqua Zumba class or just hang out with the other instructors and bond poolside.  It's in freaking Orlando - I better be in a bathing suit at some point.  I think it's required by law.

Thirdly, because I wanted to face that fear.  I want to be seen, damnit.  You see how white I am?  That's because my skin never sees the light of day.  Okay, so, I burn at the thought of sun, but I'd like to think that MAYBE not wearing long pants and tshirts through the summer might get me past the nearly translucent skin stage.

It's happened.  It's a thing now.  I own a bathing suit.  I may buy a second one.  A girl likes to have options, you know?

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  1. Girl just do you don't worry about everybody else. Enjoy the sun feel the warmth on your back and don't worry about what everybody else thinks!!!


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