Sunday, December 16, 2012


This past week was my sabbatical week from work.  5 days.  No work.  Ahhhhhh.  Of course, that meant the week before I was working twice as hard to be ready for leaving everything at the office for the week.  I did it though.  I left the office on Friday the 7th and shook it off and went about doing stuff that wasn't work related.

My vacation started off with a day of even harder work.  TurboKick Instructor Training with Mrs. Fatass.  That's right... now not only are we Zumba instructors... we're TurboKick Chicks also!

Now... it was no picnic.  That training was BRUTAL.  Amanda, the instructor, had no mercy and we moved almost constantly for the whole 8 hours.  Ouch! And used arms in a way I am so not used to.  I woke up Sunday and I couldn't lift my arms for all the punching we did.  Totally awesome though.

Sunday was the last Trio Fitness Sunday for the month and we rocked out TurboKick and then I taught Zumba while Sue did Zumbatomic.  Then my 75 minute class at the Y.  Then I wanted to crawl in to a hole and let my arms and legs fall off... and I got to start my real vacation.

Monday was a chill day, prepping for travel and going to pub trivia with the guys.  Awesome times were had.

Then the real fun began.  2 days in the wilds of Washington, DC.

Marshall, Matt and I went to DC and totally did the tourist thing.  First up?  Arlington National Cemetery.

This was not my first trip to Arlington, but I am always shocked at the sheer immensity of it.  The fields of fallen servicemen.  JFK's gravesite and the Tomb of the Unknowns still give me chills.  It's just... moving.  I'm glad we got to go again.

Matt riding the metro for the very first time. He was this adorable the whole time.
After lunch, which we will discuss tomorrow, we did the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

I laughed at this sign for like an hour.
Then we took a nice walk, had an AMAZING dinner and got ready for day TWO of sight seeing.
From afar at sunset.
 Day Two started with a waking tour of the monuments.
Closer, during the day.
World War II

Lincoln Memorial
 This was a big thing for me.  I walked all of those steps and I didn't stop and I didn't feel like my ankle was going to break.  That felt AWESOME.
Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial Wall
The White House
 Then it was on to the American History Museum.
Julia Child's kitchen!

 A quick break for lunch with our friend Todd then it was on to the National Air and Space Museum.
Our friend Todd at lunch.  Looking like an adult!

Coming back home was hard.  Firstly because we walked about 10 miles a day and our feet and legs hurt and sitting in the car wasn't fun but also because there was so much more I wanted to see.  The National Art Gallery, the Holocaust Museum, Library of Congress, the White House.  We're going to make another trip in the spring to see more!

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