Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gimmie Fuel...

My mom, brother, and niece and nephews sent me the coolest Christmas present.  A Nike Fuel Band.

You see, a year or so ago when I was looking at various tools for tracking activity I glanced at the Fuel Band but ultimately decided on the BodyBugg (which I love!).  Still, I liked the social aspect of being able to compare and go head to head against people on the Fuel Band and I LOVED the look of the band itself.  I was considering buying one in the next few months - when I reached my next goal.

No need, now! Thanks, Mom!!!

I love this little bangle on my wrist! It's the White Ice band and it's SO PRETTY on my wrist. It looks like jewelry from afar and all techno cool up close.   Then, when I click the button to check on my stats, the colors are so bright and pretty that I'm all OooOoo!

Today is only day 3 with it on and I haven't yet worn it for a normal workout but I love the instant feedback and it's one of the more friendly smartphone interfaces I've dealt with as of yet.  Tomorrow when I go to teach class we shall see how I feel about it.

I really like using it in conjunction with my BodyBugg.  I can't wait to see the comparison between what the two read during my workouts.

I think it's also kind of cool that I got it during a break in my hectic schedule.  This way I know what my Fuel should look like on a typical rest day versus a normal workout day versus my heavy workout days.  I like being able to see the difference.


  1. I got one in Vegas it's just the plain black one. I like it as it sometimes reminds me to move and get up from my desk.

    1. That's exactly what I'm finding. Also, since there are times when I can't get up from my desk I'm finding I'm doing upper body stuff - curls, kicks shoulder presses - a lot to at least be doing something while I'm stuck waiting for something to finish. Pretty cool!

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  3. Ooh! How cool! I have a fitness gadget addiction, I have had a body bugg which I love, moved on to a heart rate monitor, now im in love with my fitbit, but i'm thinking about getting this one too!


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